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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Herr, how do the higher levels of the military behave?
(a) They tell the truth as painful as it may be
(b) They refuse to communicate with the press
(c) They are congenial but evasive
(d) They lie to make things appear better than they are

2. Why does Seann Flynn not seem to fit in a combat zone?
(a) Because he is young
(b) Because he is good looking
(c) Because Seann is a female
(d) Because he is very small

3. What is an RPG?
(a) A Rocket Placed Grenade
(b) A Rocket Propelled Grenade
(c) A Reinforcement Platoon Grange
(d) A Rolling Pocket Grenande

4. Where does Herr go following Khe Sanh?
(a) China Beach
(b) China
(c) United States
(d) Saigon

5. What does Herr suffer his first month back in America?
(a) Malaria
(b) Pneumonia
(c) Danang Fever
(d) Strange dreams

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is Day Tripper and Mayhew's bunker located?

2. Who is the correspondent Herr travels with across the DMZ?

3. Who gets regular leave to China Beach?

4. Who is the press secretary for Khe Sanh?

5. How many writers does Herr estimate are in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive?

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