Disgraced Short Essay - Answer Key

Ayad Akhtar
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1. What does the stage set tell us about the social class Amir Kapoor and Emily Hughes-Kapoor are in?

The marble fireplace, the parquet floors, the high ceilings, the crown moldings “the works,” as the stage direction puts it—indicate that this couple has achieved a degree of high success in their careers.

2. What is the archetype for Amir Kapoor’s character?

Amir Kapoor is the immigrant who made good, the upwardly-mobile Indian-American who has attained a position of power in a New York City law firm.

3. What is the importance of Amir modeling for Emily in boxers below, and a fine shirt and suit jacket above?

For artistic purposes, Emily only needs him to be dressed from the waist up, and his state of undress indicates that Amir Kapoor is comfortable in this setting, in his own home. The lack of pants also connotes a degree of exposure, as he is only inhabiting part of the uniform expected of successful people, and could never go out in public dressed as he is. Thus he is an incomplete man, who can wear the fine clothes without perfecting the appearance. The fact that his wife is keeping him in boxers is indicative of both their intimacy and her incomplete vision of him, as well.

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