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Short Answer Questions

1. On what day of the week do Bev and David load the car with the dead dogs?

2. What is Petrus's position on reporting the young man who Lucy recognized to the police?

3. Why does David disagree with Lucy's wanting to leave the event?

4. What borrowed farm equipment does Petrus have on his farm?

5. What animals has Petrus brought onto his land as he prepares for the event he will have in the next few days?

Short Essay Questions

1. How might one interpret Elaine Winter's treatment of David at the grocery store?

2. What might one make of David missing the ducks and the dogs?

3. When David read the article in The Herald that reports the story of the assailants and what happened at Lucy's farm, how is his reaction in keeping with his character?

4. What has Lucy's banjo become for David?

5. David mentions that he has "never been given to lingering involvements" as he tries to figure out what is driving him to go see Melanie's play. What then motivates him to go?

6. When David brings in his dog to Bev, the description is, "Bearing him in his arms like a lamb. . ." What does this image evoke?

7. What does David's description of Desiree suggest?

8. Is David disappointed in himself by his agreement to meet Bev at the clinic for a tryst?

9. What is one to make of Petrus's lack of reaction to David's accusation that one of the men at his party is the assailant?

10. How is David's remark "If she [Bev] is poor, he is bankrupt," that concludes this chapter revealing?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chapter 12. Explain how Lucy's rape altered her personality. Discuss Lucy's remarks about the issue of racism and inherent guilt in South Africa and how this guilt influences her beliefs and actions thus far in the novel.

Essay Topic 2

What is it that brings about the ethical and moral transformation of David in Chapter 14? Is this transformation the result of his experiences and trauma of the violent attack or is he "replacing" the vitality that Lucy lost?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 22. When Lucy tells David the name of the rapist next door, Pollux, she spells it, and answers that it is not an unpronounceable name. She furthers her retort by saying, "And David, can we have some relief from that terrible irony of yours?. . .For years you used it against me when I was a child, to mortify me." How can David's casual, but frequent irony have been mortifying to a child? What is the effect of his using this wit to argue his points?

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