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Short Answer Questions

1. When David suggests he will look to poetry to learn how to become a grandfather, who is the poet he has in mind?

2. Who is the new person living at Petrus's house?

3. What is Petrus's position on reporting the young man who Lucy recognized to the police?

4. What does Mr. Isaac say he will not do for David?

5. What is one of the issues that Lucy feels is a motive for the assault on her and her farm?

Short Essay Questions

1. When David read the article in The Herald that reports the story of the assailants and what happened at Lucy's farm, how is his reaction in keeping with his character?

2. What is one to make of Petrus's lack of reaction to David's accusation that one of the men at his party is the assailant?

3. What is one aspect of Lucy's argument to keep the child that is actually aligned with her early Mother Earth persona?

4. Is David disappointed in himself by his agreement to meet Bev at the clinic for a tryst?

5. How might one interpret Elaine Winter's treatment of David at the grocery store?

6. In Chapter 16, when David talks with Bev about his fear of Lucy living alone on the farm, he says he was there and knows what Lucy has been through. Bev responds that he was not there for her. How does David react to that claim?

7. The description of Teresa in the last chapter is, "She wants to be rescued--from the pain, from the summer heat, from the Villa Gamba, from her father's bad temper, from everything." This is about David's fictional character, but fiction is based upon what writers know. Does this description hint at David or Lucy's need for respite?

8. After Lucy is raped and she and David give their report to the police, David asks her why she omitted the fact that she was raped. What reason does she give her father for this omission?

9. When David brings in his dog to Bev, the description is, "Bearing him in his arms like a lamb. . ." What does this image evoke?

10. How might Lucy's and David's switching of bedrooms be construed as symbolic of some other switch between them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Chapter 22. When Lucy tells David the name of the rapist next door, Pollux, she spells it, and answers that it is not an unpronounceable name. She furthers her retort by saying, "And David, can we have some relief from that terrible irony of yours?. . .For years you used it against me when I was a child, to mortify me." How can David's casual, but frequent irony have been mortifying to a child? What is the effect of his using this wit to argue his points?

Essay Topic 2

Review David and Lucy's relationship in Chapters 7, 8, and 9. How might their relationship be representative of a generational gap? Is Lucy's stand and concerns in any way a reaction to her parents' lives or is her simplistic life one she freely chose?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 20. The energy that David puts into his play waivers as his life situation waivers. How might the energy that he puts to his play in Chapter 20 speak to his emotional state?

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