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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Dr. Otto?
(a) David's new therapist.
(b) Rosalind's therapist.
(c) The professor who has taken over David's office.
(d) A doctor who calls David with news of Lucy.

2. What is one thing that Rosalind criticizes about David's appearance when they meet?
(a) His unshaven face.
(b) His stained pants.
(c) His haircut.
(d) His untied shoes.

3. After the police visit the farm, why does David spend the morning digging a large hole?
(a) Lucy wants to plant a tree.
(b) David wants to plant a tree.
(c) Lucy wants to bury everything the men touched.
(d) David is going to bury the dogs there.

4. To whom does David write a letter about the attack on the farm?
(a) The police.
(b) Mr. Isaacs.
(c) Rosalind.
(d) The university.

5. In this attack that David instigates, who comes to the rescue of the recipient of David's attack?
(a) Pollux.
(b) Petrus.
(c) Lucy.
(d) Bev.

Short Answer Questions

1. When David returns to the town where the University is, how long has he been gone?

2. In the article in the local paper about the attack, how is David described?

3. Who is it that compliments Lucy by referring to her as a "forward-looking lady?"

4. In what condition is David's house when he returns to it?

5. When David returns to the University town, where does he meet with Rosalind?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is there a symbolic significance to the characters of his libretto in progress "fading away" and being replaced by the corpses of dogs, his new work?

2. David explodes at Pollux and says to himself, "Swine. . .Teach him a lesson. Show him his place." How do these remarks reveal the racial attitudes David evidently has?

3. How might one interpret Elaine Winter's treatment of David at the grocery store?

4. What is there about Lucy's description of her rape that she thinks that David cannot before this have understood?

5. David mentions that he has "never been given to lingering involvements" as he tries to figure out what is driving him to go see Melanie's play. What then motivates him to go?

6. What is ironic about David's suggestion at the end of Chapter 22 that Lucy is as humiliated as a dog?

7. What is one aspect of Lucy's argument to keep the child that is actually aligned with her early Mother Earth persona?

8. How might Lucy's and David's switching of bedrooms be construed as symbolic of some other switch between them?

9. How is it appropriate that David is awakened by a spitball when he is in the theater?

10. Do Petrus's responses to David's rage about the assault seem truly suspicious or might the reader be judging them through David's lens?

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