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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Helen?
(a) Lucy's cat.
(b) Lucy's helper with the gardening.
(c) Lucy's neighbor.
(d) A woman who lives in Lucy's house.

2. While one charge against David has to do with misconduct involving Melanie, what does the other charge have to do with?
(a) Her record at the university.
(b) His history of prior misconducts.
(c) David's erratic behavior on campus.
(d) Complaints about David from other students.

3. Who is it that comes to pick up David at the hospital after he is treated?
(a) Ettinger.
(b) Bill Shaw.
(c) Bev Shaw.
(d) Petrus.

4. Approximately how old is David Lurie in Chapter 1?
(a) Late forties.
(b) Early fifties.
(c) Early sixties.
(d) Early forties.

5. What is the one word that the female in the hearing uses to describe David's behavior at the hearing?
(a) Patronizing.
(b) Edgy.
(c) Evasive.
(d) Ridiculous.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of the Chapter 11, where does Lucy begin to walk to?

2. Which person confesses a strong liking for the poetry of Adrienne Rich and Toni Morrison?

3. When the unwelcome guest comes to David's class, he correctly answers a question in one word. What is the answer?

4. Who is Petrus?

5. On the evening of the visit of this unwelcome visitor, what possession of David's is vandalized?

Short Essay Questions

1. Of what significance is it that Soraya wiped off her makeup so readily when David asked her to?

2. In Chapter 12, why is David amazed that Bill Shaw comes to the hospital to pick him up after his burns are treated?

3. What does Bev's acceptance of David, even after he tells her of his forced resignation, suggest about her?

4. When David goes to visit Lucy, what is his observation of Lucy's country life?

5. What is David's reaction to Lucy's determination to go back to her farm?

6. What does it mean when Ms. Rassool says that they, the committee, may have a duty to protect David from himself?

7. When pressed by his colleagues to offer an explanation for his behavior with Melanie, what explanation does David offer?

8. When Lucy asks why David isn't trying to justify his actions at the university, what reason does he offer?

9. What might one make of David's abundance of notes on Byron rather than recognizing that the "two fat files" of notes might be enough to begin writing?

10. When David puts on soft music and offers wine, he describes this as a ritual. What is this a ritual for?

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