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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1: In Chapter 1 we meet David Lurie, a fifty-two year-old divorced professor of technical university in Cape Town South Africa who mechanically attends to his teaching.

The objective of this lesson is to be able to articulate a general impression of David Lurie, the protagonist, based upon basic facts about his life and his chosen vocation and his present work.


1. PARTNER/SMALL GROUP ACTIVITY: Each group will list 3-5 items of background information on David Lurie. How old is David? What is his marital status? What does he do for work? Where does he work? Is this his chosen profession? Most importantly, how does he feel about his current work? Have each group write a 2-3 summary statement that includes this information and a member of the group will present to the class so they can agree or give evidence for their claim.

2. WRITING: Look...

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