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David, our protagonist, is interested in Lord Byron. He says he has been thinking about writing an opera about Byron. Byron was an interesting character. Look him up and explain Byron's popularity.


In Chapter 2, David chooses Mozart as his music to set the scene. David knows the Melanie is involved in drama. What drama questions might he have asked her to elicit a more engaged response to getting to know one another. Write three questions that might be more interesting to the unromantic Melanie.


In Chapter 2, David explicates Wordsworth's autobiographical poem, "The Prelude." Read the piece of the poem that is quoted in this chapter. Knowing now that this is autobiographical, what does David's interest in it tell you about David?


In Chapter 4, David quotes Byron's poem "Lara." Reread the excerpt that begins "He could/At times resign. . .

Explain how this poem...

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