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Chapter 1

• David Lurie, fifty-two year-old divorced professor of technical university in Cape Town South Africa explains his current dissatisfaction and lack of passion regarding his teaching; he merely goes through the motions.

• He has been married twice. He sees "Soraya," an olive skinned Muslim prostitute from an escort agency regularly once a week.

• He cares for and about her and enjoys her company, but is satisfied with their arrangement and its frequency.

• The anonymity is destroyed when David happens to see Soraya with her 2 children.
• Shortly after this sighting, Soraya makes up an excuse to discontinue the relationship.

• David tracks her down, calls her home and she demands that he never call her again.

Chapter 2

• Now that David's Thursday assignations with Soraya are over, his weeks are very tedious.

• He spends a lot of time doing his research on Lord Byron's stay in Italy at the library. He...

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