Objects & Places from Dirty White Boys: A Novel

Stephen Hunter
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This is the clue that Bud Pewtie uses to trace Lamar to a tattoo parlor.


This is the building Lamar attempts to rob, but the event goes bad when a cop surprises him coming out of the bathroom.

Tattoo Parlor

This is where Lamar goes with his gang in order to have a picture of a lion placed on his chest.


This is what Bud wears three of after being attacked by Lamar.

Hostess Delivery Van

This is what Lamar uses to escape from the prison.

Toyota Tercel

This is the getaway car Ruta Beth Tull lends to the convicts.

Baseball Field

This is where the gang first find Bud and follow him home.

Pepper Home

This is where Lamar kidnaps Holly in order to lure Bud into a trap.

Stepford Farm

This is where Bud Pewtie and Ted Pepper stumble across the gang, and...

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