Dirty White Boys: A Novel Fun Activities

Stephen Hunter
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Book Jacket

Create a new book jacket for the text of the novel. Each book jacket should contain a vibrant picture depicting a particularly important scene in the novel, a brief bio of the author, and a short review of the book.


Write and perform a television commercial promoting the release of the book "Dirty White Boys". Which parts of the novel might be heightened to attract maximum interest?


Because the novel is so gritty and dark, create a vibrant mobile depicting characters, scenes, or items important to the novel as a whole. Attach the colorful mobiles to hangers, and hang them in the classroom.


Dress up as one of the characters from the novel and impersonate that character's voice. The rest of the class will try to guess which character you are impersonating, and which scene the dialogue you are quoting is from.

Jail Break

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