Dirty White Boys: A Novel Character Descriptions

Stephen Hunter
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Lamar Pye

This character is an intelligent, convicted murderer who escapes from the penitentiary because he was forced to kill a member of a rival gang.

Odell Pye

This character is mentally disabled and was born with a cleft palate that was never repaired.

Richard Peed

This character is an artist who was raised by an overbearing, negative mother who was stabbed in the eyes.

Russell Bud Pewtie

This character is a state trooper in Oklahoma and takes the job seriously, has two sons, and is having an extra-marital affair.

Ted Pepper

This character is a new state trooper who has gone soft on the job, and eventually is killed in a cowardly position by three convicts on the run.

Holly Pepper

This character is young and beautiful. Her spouse is killed by convicts on the run.

Jeff Pewtie

This character plays baseball. He gets into a fight...

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