Dirt Short Essay - Answer Key

Stuart Woods
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1. Who is Amanda dart? Why is she an important figure on the New York scene?

Amanda Dart is a fifty-year-old attractive but vicious gossip columnist known throughout the city. Amanda has worked her way up through the ranks and has finally achieved high-level standing in the media world. It seems that someone wants to get even with Amanda for her past misdeeds and decides to target her using a tabloid title DIRT.

2. Explain the relationship between Amanda and Bill Eggers; Amanda and Richard Hickock.

Bill Eggers is a managing partner in the law firm of Woodman and Weld. Eggers is Amanda's attorney. Richard Hickock is Amanda's boss, chairman of the board of Galaxy Media. Eggers, Hickock and Amanda meet in Eggers's office to discuss Amanda's new contract with Galaxy.

3. What does Amanda do to ensure that she gets everything she wants in her new contract with Galaxy?

Amanda attempts to sweet talk Hickock. Amanda also tells Hickock that she is being courted by another publishing company, SI Newhouse. There is no way Hickock will allow SI Newhouse to steal Amanda away from him. In order to keep Amanda, Hickock relents and gives Amanda nearly everything she asks for, including a new Mercedes.

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