Daily Lessons for Teaching Dirt

Stuart Woods
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-6)


Amanda Dart makes her living by writing and reporting gossip. Examine why gossip is so popular particularly among the rich and famous. Also examine how gossiping affects Amanda Dart and how it becomes the main theme of the book. Discuss gossip.


1. Amanda Dart is a gossip columnist in New York. Discuss Amanda Dart's profession. What type of person does it take to become a gossip columnist? Does a gossip columnist lack the ability and ethics of a typical journalist? What kind of publishing companies are interested in working with people like Amanda? Is there a lot of money to be made by writing about gossip? Do many people attempts to befriend Amanda to keep from appearing in the gossip column? How would Amanda be able to tell if these people were truly her friends or were simply using her to maintain a good reputation? How...

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