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Stuart Woods
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Create a Journal

Create a journal from the point of view of one of the main characters, Stone, Arrington, Dino, Amanda or Dickie.

Create a Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for a screen adaptation for "DIRT". If using real actors, who would play the lead parts?

Play a Murder Mystery Game

Play a murder mystery game using various recurring characters in the book: e.g., Stone, Dino, Bob Cantor, Bill Eggers.

Create a Trivia Game

Create a Trivia Game based on the people, places and things referenced in the text.

Read More Stuart Woods

Read more Stuart Woods books in the Stone Barrington series. "DIRT" is the second book in the series. Find out more about Stone's history and where he ends up in future adventures.

Act Out a Scene

Act out a favorite scene with family and friends. Which character will you portray?

Write a Round Robin

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