Dirt Character Descriptions

Stuart Woods
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Stone Barrington

This character is a retired NYPD detective second-grade.

Amanda Dart

This character is a successful, ambitious, high-powered New York gossip columnist.

Arrington Carter

This character is the primary love interest of Stone Barrington.

Lieutenant Dino Bacchetti

This character is Stone Barrington's former partner.

Richard (Dick) Hickock

This character is the Chairman of Galaxy Media.

Allan Peebles

This character is the Editor-in-Chief of a tabloid newspaper, The American Infiltrator.

Martha McMahon

This character is Amanda Dart's personal secretary.

Tommy Bruce (aka Jonathan Dryer)

This character is the son of a deceased naval officer. He is thirty-four years old and strikingly handsome.

Paul Brennan

This character has worked as Amanda Dart's chauffeur for nine years.

Tiffany Potts

This character is the nineteen-year-old mistress of Richard (Dick) Hickock.

Enrico Bianchi

This character is a Mafia boss and an old school chum of Richard Hickock.

Mary Ann (Bianchi) Bacchetti


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