Dirt Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stuart Woods
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Chapters 1-6

• Reader is introduced to Amanda Dart.

• Amanda is a New York City gossip columnist.

• Amanda is secretly celebrating her 50th birthday.

• Amanda lies about going to St. Bart's.

• Amanda meets her married lover and is caught in the act.

• The first issue of DIRT is released.

• Amanda is humiliated.

• Amanda meets with Bill Eggers.

• Eggers is negotiating Amanda's contract with Galaxy Media.
• Reader is introduced to Richard Hickock.

• Amanda manages to get a great new contract.

• The reader meets Amanda's staff.

• Hickock takes his daily walk in Central Park.

• Hickock is secretly meeting his 19 year-old mistress.

• A man bugs Tiffany's apartment.

• Amanda receives her new Mercedes.

• The first issue of DIRT arrives.

• Amanda is horrified.

• Amanda attends a book signing and is badgered by the public.

• Amanda tells people that DIRT is a hoax.

• Amanda meets with Bill Eggers.

• Eggers recommends Stone Barrington to help Amanda...

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