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Short Answer Questions

1. In Dirk's office, he and Richard talk about Schrodinger's Cat, which is what?

2. After Richard apologizes to Susan and she vents some of her anger, she tells him she has to work that weekend and:

3. As he searches for a door in the valley, the Electric Monk is temporarily distracted by a what?

4. When a dead Gordon realizes that the phone line is still open and connected to his sister's answering machine, what does he do?

5. After Michael Wenton-Weakes' father dies, who takes over the family publishing business?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 2, why is the Electric Monk completely still as he sits atop his horse?

2. Describe similarities and differences between WayForward Technologies I and II.

3. When Richard asks one of Reg's neighbors about the horse, what response does he get?

4. What does Susan decide to do in Chapter 3 after her boyfriend fails to show up?

5. How does Gordon Way, founder of WayForward Technologies, flesh out his numerous business ideas?

6. Why is the Electric Monk confused after killing Gordon?

7. Describe the mysterious tower the author writes about as the book opens.

8. As Chapter 4 opens, two men are walking towards a dinner on campus honoring Samuel T. Coleridge. Who are these two men?

9. Why can't Richard bring Susan to the French restaurant, L'Esprit d'Escalier?

10. As a ghostly Gordon makes his way to his cottage, what does he ponder?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

All the seemingly unconnected pieces of the author's big puzzle come together near the end. Describe three key pieces of the puzzle that lead the main characters to realize that the human race is in danger if the alien ghost is allowed to carry out his plans.

Essay Topic 2

Props and objects are strongly associated with specific characters. Explain the association between the following characters and their props and the importance of each object:

1. Susan and her cello.

2. Reg and his abacus.

3. Richard and his sofa.

Essay Topic 3

The ancient alien ghost unsuccessfully tries to gain control over the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Richard, and Reg. The ghost does succeed in fully possessing Michael. What enables the ghost to possess him completely? What similarities do Michael and the ghost share?

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