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Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard wakes up at the start of Chapter 16, he decides to make it up to Susan by doing what?

2. What command does the college porter give to a "strange priest" who turns out to be the Electric Monk?

3. How is Gordon Way related to Susan, the cellist?

4. In Chapter 12, after Richard goes home and pours himself a brandy, the author says there are three reasons he starts to shake, including what?

5. As a ghostly Gordon makes his way to his cabin, he wonders what will happen to his what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is the Electric Monk confused after killing Gordon?

2. What does Gordon Way do on the last day of his life?

3. Describe the range of emotions Susan experiences in Chapter 3.

4. Explain what happens after Gordon's ghost arrives at his cottage.

5. Within the context of breaking into Susan's apartment, explain why Richard appears to be someone who makes poor choices.

6. As Chapter 4 opens, two men are walking towards a dinner on campus honoring Samuel T. Coleridge. Who are these two men?

7. When Richard asks one of Reg's neighbors about the horse, what response does he get?

8. Describe similarities and differences between WayForward Technologies I and II.

9. What happens when Gordon Way gets out of his car to check his trunk?

10. How does the author utilize foreshadowing with the character Gordon Way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, questions remain as to whether or not Dirk Gently truly has psychic powers. In your opinion, does he or does he not have special psychic abilities? What other abilities does he possess (such as keen powers of observation) that might make him seem psychic to a casual observer?

Essay Topic 2

How does the desolate opening scene change when it is revisited near the end of the book as Reg, Dirk, and Richard time travel? What aspects remain the same? What circumstances and situations create a different outcome the second time around?

Essay Topic 3

Cite three examples from the book where the author uses foreshadowing to alert the reader of events to come. Why is foreshadowing such an important storytelling tool for Douglas Adams? How does it enhance his writing style?

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