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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After receiving the vital piece of information from Richard about a murder, Dirk realizes that the alien ghost was able to possess Michael because:
(a) Both missed Michael's magazine.
(b) Knew Ross well.
(c) Both had the intent to kill.
(d) Knew Gordon well.

2. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?
(a) Saving planet from alien takeover, priceless.
(b) Saving human race from total extinction, no charge.
(c) Rescuing the hundredth cat in his career, priceless.
(d) Rescuing cat for the last time, no charge.

3. At Richard's place, Detective Inspector Mason is accompanied by Sergeant Gilks, who is:
(a) The person who got Dirk kicked out of college.
(b) The officer who found Richard on the road.
(c) Michael's half brother.
(d) Gordon's former college roommate.

4. The individual sitting with drunk men on the train full of party revelers is haunted by an ancient ghost who says that:
(a) His group came to Earth to destroy it.
(b) His group tried to reach another galaxy but ended up on Earth instead.
(c) His group came to Earth to build a paradise.
(d) His group tried to reach Venus but ended up on Earth instead.

5. The ancient alien ghost explains that he came from where?
(a) Belonani.
(b) Elabasa.
(c) Overtina.
(d) Salaxala.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard visits Susan to comfort her after Gordon's death, the phone rings; Richard answers it and hears what?

2. When Richard goes to Susan's place to comfort her after her brother's death, he finds her doing what?

3. As Richard and Dirk talk with the ancient alien ghost, trying to fully understand his story, Richard comes up with the theory that perhaps ghosts:

4. When the time machine leaves the rain forest and heads back to Cambridge, a knock on the door reveals Michael standing there with what?

5. Where does Reg go to get face powder to conceal his tan?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Richard and his friends board the alien's mothership that has been orbiting Earth undetected for billions of years, what fills him with awe?

2. How does the alien ghost communicate with Dirk, Richard, and Reg?

3. What happens when the Electric Monk believes that Sergeant Gilks is a god?

4. At the end of the book, how does Richard finally do right by Susan?

5. How does Dirk use the time machine to stop Michael from following the ghost's orders on primordial Earth?

6. Why has Michael brought scuba gear with him to Reg's time machine?

7. Susan keeps getting phone calls where all she hears is a faint wind. What are these calls about?

8. What does Michael reveal to drunken train travelers when he is possessed by an ancient alien ghost?

9. Explain how Dirk and Richard feel about ghosts.

10. Explain why Dirk hypnotizes Richard.

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