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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dirk figures out that the alien ghost wants to wipe out humanity and:
(a) Let trees take over the world.
(b) Start over and build his own paradise.
(c) Start over with dolphins as the dominant species.
(d) Haunt a planet free of annoying people.

2. With Michael now possessed by a ghost speaking through him, Dirk, Richard, and Reg learn what?
(a) Michael was easier to control than Reg or Richard were.
(b) The ghost is hungry for a plate of sardines.
(c) Michael frequently dabbled in sorcery.
(d) The ghost has greatly enjoyed his experiences on Earth.

3. After seeking advice from Nicola, who is ill, about a cello piece with challenging fingering, Susan gets a call. She answers it and hears what?
(a) Desperate crying.
(b) High-pitched screeching sound.
(c) Distant cry of wind.
(d) Disturbing laughter.

4. The ancient alien ghost explains that he and his party landed on Earth for what?
(a) To look for food.
(b) To hide from their planet's police.
(c) To replenish mineral supplies.
(d) To start a new colony.

5. When Richard and Dirk visit Reg, what does Dirk say to Reg about his secret?
(a) The whole world already knows it.
(b) It's impossible to figure out.
(c) Dirk already knows what it is.
(d) Reg could get arrested if the secret gets out.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard presses Reg to explain how he got the salt shaker into the old Greek pot, and Reg replies that:

2. How long has Reg been at Cambridge?

3. After waking up from unusual dreams, pondering the events of the night before, and realizing he has no lunch date planned, what does Michael Wenton-Weakes do?

4. The world that the ancient alien came from is what?

5. At the end of the book, Richard has a phone conversation with Reg during which he learns that:

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the alien ghost communicate with Dirk, Richard, and Reg?

2. What reason does Reg give for resisting the temptation to use his time machine?

3. Explain how the book's opening scene is repeated near the end of the book, but with a twist.

4. How does Reg get the salt shaker into young Sarah's old Greek pot?

5. Susan keeps getting phone calls where all she hears is a faint wind. What are these calls about?

6. How does Dirk manipulate the police when he gets to Richard's apartment?

7. Why does Richard jump into a canal?

8. How is the alien ghost responsible for life on Earth?

9. How does Reg behave when he takes Dirk and Richard with him back in time to a rain forest?

10. Why do Dirk and Reg seem so familiar with each other?

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