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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When he was living, what did the alien ghost driven to madness hope to accomplish on Earth?
(a) Establish a utopian paradise.
(b) Open an etiquette school.
(c) Change the value of pi.
(d) Meet the smartest human on the planet.

2. Thinking about the figure in his trunk, a ghostly Gordon wonders if it really was wearing what?
(a) Ninja clothes.
(b) Pirate clothes.
(c) A hood.
(d) A pink tie.

3. Richard accuses Dirk of doing what?
(a) Changing his name to avoid paying taxes.
(b) Killing Gordon and stealing the body.
(c) Running a scam and stealing old ladies' money.
(d) Incorrectly reprogramming Electric Monks.

4. What happens to the glowing object that is stuck on primordial Earth?
(a) Time travels.
(b) Crystalizes.
(c) Freezes.
(d) Explodes.

5. Gordon's ghost wakes up from his fainting spell by the sound of what?
(a) His gas cooker exploding.
(b) A knock on the door.
(c) A mouse gnawing on bread crumbs.
(d) His radio alarm blaring.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the relationship between Richard MacDuff and private investigator Dirk Gently?

2. What does Kate Anselm, a programmer, tell Richard when she calls him as he's hunting for Dirk Gently's phone number?

3. Even though he's a ghost, Gordon grows tired of walking down a deserted road and wonders if he might be able to do what?

4. After Gordon dies and looks at his body, what upsets him?

5. At the start of Chapter 13, someone scans the sky with his binoculars and spots something that appears to be what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the little girl, Sarah, pass around a pot at the Coleridge dinner?

2. How does Richard discover that his boss, Gordon, has been murdered?

3. Why is the Electric Monk confused after killing Gordon?

4. In Chapter 2, why is the Electric Monk completely still as he sits atop his horse?

5. Explain why fellow students liked to wine and dine Dirk Gently.

6. How does Richard explain to himself the vision he gets of Gordon Way standing in the middle of the road?

7. Why and how does Reg entertain Sarah, a bored little girl attending the Coleridge dinner?

8. What does Susan decide to do in Chapter 3 after her boyfriend fails to show up?

9. What is an Electric Monk?

10. When Richard leaves Reg's place after seeing a horse in the bathroom, what surprises him about the front door landing?

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