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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Dirk's office, he and Richard talk about Schrodinger's Cat, which is what?
(a) A cat cloned three hundred fifty-two times.
(b) A collage made of discarded computer parts.
(c) An illustration of probabilities at the quantum level.
(d) A French restaurant Gordon frequents.

2. At first, Dirk Gently wants to help the roaming alien ghost using what?
(a) Submarine.
(b) Time machine.
(c) Fortune teller.
(d) Laser.

3. What kind of car does Gordon Way drive?
(a) Mercedes.
(b) Porsche.
(c) Rolls-Royce.
(d) Jaguar.

4. What does Richard do right after Reg explains there's a horse in the upstairs bathroom?
(a) Tackles him.
(b) Slaps him.
(c) Runs away.
(d) Calls his attorney.

5. What is the relationship between Richard MacDuff and private investigator Dirk Gently?
(a) Richard is Dirk's hundred-year-old mentor.
(b) Richard is Dirk's old college friend.
(c) Richard is Dirk's long-lost twin brother.
(d) Richard is Dirk's robot assistant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once Dirk and Richard realize what the alien ghost wants, they set out to do what?

2. What does Kate Anselm, a programmer, tell Richard when she calls him as he's hunting for Dirk Gently's phone number?

3. When Reg prepares tea for Richard, he ends up spilling it all over the floor. What causes him to do this?

4. In Chapter 13, who breaks into someone's apartment?

5. Reg's memory is starting to fade, but he's still good at what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Dirk Gently doesn't appear in earnest until about a third of the way into the story. Is he the main character, or is someone else the main character of the story?

2. As a ghostly Gordon makes his way to his cottage, what does he ponder?

3. When Richard asks one of Reg's neighbors about the horse, what response does he get?

4. Why does Dirk Gently get kicked out of college?

5. Explain how Dirk toys with Richard after spotting him breaking into an apartment.

6. How does Richard explain to himself the vision he gets of Gordon Way standing in the middle of the road?

7. By the end of the first chapter, what appears to have happened to the tower?

8. How does the author utilize foreshadowing with the character Gordon Way?

9. How does Richard discover that his boss, Gordon, has been murdered?

10. What does Gordon Way do on the last day of his life?

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