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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In talking to Reg, Dirk figures out that when Richard seemed hypnotized, he really was:
(a) Pretending to be hypnotized.
(b) Asleep.
(c) Possessed by a ghost.
(d) Confused.

2. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?
(a) Rescuing cat for the last time, no charge.
(b) Rescuing the hundredth cat in his career, priceless.
(c) Saving planet from alien takeover, priceless.
(d) Saving human race from total extinction, no charge.

3. Richard presses Reg to explain how he got the salt shaker into the old Greek pot, and Reg replies that:
(a) He got the man who made the pot to put it in.
(b) He mentally rearranged the atoms.
(c) He hasn't the slightest idea how he did it.
(d) It would take months to explain it.

4. After Gordon's death, how does Dirk manage to get into Richard's apartment?
(a) Fast-talking his way past the police.
(b) Hypnotizing the security guard.
(c) Using his invisibility shield.
(d) Shipping himself in a package.

5. The ancient alien ghost tells Richard that upon reading his article about music, he was what?
(a) Reminded of his mother.
(b) Reminded of his favorite song.
(c) Deeply disturbed.
(d) Deeply moved.

6. When the time machine leaves the rain forest and heads back to Cambridge, a knock on the door reveals Michael standing there with what?
(a) A wheelbarrow.
(b) Scuba equipment.
(c) Large bowling pins.
(d) A tray of sushi.

7. Dirk figures out that the alien ghost wants to wipe out humanity and:
(a) Start over and build his own paradise.
(b) Start over with dolphins as the dominant species.
(c) Let trees take over the world.
(d) Haunt a planet free of annoying people.

8. When Richard and Dirk visit Reg, why does Dirk prompt Richard to ask about the conjuring trick?
(a) Dirk is too shy to ask about it himself.
(b) To get Richard to break the ice between them.
(c) To get Reg to confirm what Dirk already knows.
(d) Dirk wants to learn how to do this trick.

9. When Michael, possessed by the alien ghost, leaves the time machine and heads toward the tower, what is he wearing?
(a) Red tie.
(b) Space suit.
(c) Scuba gear.
(d) Angel wings.

10. The ghost explains that he was able to enter Samuel Taylor Coleridge's mind when he was what?
(a) A toddler.
(b) In love.
(c) On laudanum.
(d) An old man.

11. While Dirk, Reg, and Richard try to figure out what's behind all the strange recent events, who shows up at the gates of St. Cedd's carrying a large nylon bag?
(a) Michael.
(b) Ross.
(c) Kate.
(d) Susan.

12. The world that the ancient alien came from is what?
(a) Small and independent.
(b) Peaceful and calm.
(c) Beautiful and blue.
(d) Violent and troubled.

13. Reg's resistance to the poltergeist results in what?
(a) The college board wanting to fire him.
(b) Supernatural activity.
(c) A broken, unusable time machine.
(d) A twisted knot in the time-space continuum.

14. As Richard and Dirk talk with the ancient alien ghost, trying to fully understand his story, Richard comes up with the theory that perhaps ghosts:
(a) Fail to understand time.
(b) Live primarily on Jupiter.
(c) Exist like wave patterns.
(d) Need to board an interdimensional limo.

15. Dirk insists on talking about Richard's sofa with him because he firmly believes that:
(a) The sofa is an alien in disguise.
(b) Someone has hidden a message inside the sofa.
(c) All conversations lead to answers.
(d) All things are fundamentally interconnected.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Dirk saves the whole human race from extinction, what does he crave?

2. According to the alien ghost's explanation, what has been orbiting Earth undetected since the explosion that killed him and his friends?

3. After Reg talks to Richard and Dirk and explains the whole business about the horse, the ghost, the face powder, and quantum jumps, he mentions that:

4. When Detective Inspector Mason arrives at Richard's apartment, what does he order police officers to do?

5. When the engines of the alien spaceship were damaged upon landing, the now-ghost had sent the Electric Monk out to do what?

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