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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The ancient alien ghost that has possessed Michael Wenton-Weakes had been driven mad by what?
(a) The annoying lectures he heard while haunting the campus.
(b) The rising price of petrol.
(c) The distinction between green and black tea.
(d) The knowledge of what he'd done after the accident.

2. After Dirk saves the world, Richard asks:
(a) For a detailed explanation.
(b) To go home.
(c) For a ride to the university.
(d) To see a psychiatrist.

3. With Michael now possessed by a ghost speaking through him, Dirk, Richard, and Reg learn what?
(a) Michael was easier to control than Reg or Richard were.
(b) Michael frequently dabbled in sorcery.
(c) The ghost is hungry for a plate of sardines.
(d) The ghost has greatly enjoyed his experiences on Earth.

4. Who was trying to use Dirk's agency telephone to make a call to Susan?
(a) Gordon's ghost.
(b) Michael.
(c) The alient ghost.
(d) Richard.

5. At the end of the story, Richard is able to make reservations for dinner with Susan at a very expensive, elite restaurant that's booked three weeks in advance by doing what?
(a) Getting the ghost to scare the regulars out.
(b) Going back in time.
(c) Claiming he took part in saving the world.
(d) Having Dirk tip the host.

6. At the end of the book, Richard has a phone conversation with Reg during which he learns that:
(a) Gordon managed to leave Reg a message before vanishing.
(b) Reg took the Electric Monk and his horse back to their home.
(c) Dirk took the time machine into the future.
(d) Reg is no longer in love with Susan.

7. In Chapter 28, Reg explains that for several months he hadn't been using the time machine because:
(a) He felt something had been trying to force him to use it.
(b) He didn't want to arouse suspicion.
(c) He needed to fix a broken circuit.
(d) He was afraid to go back and face his nemesis.

8. Reg explains to Richard, Dirk, and the alien ghost that the dodo would not have become extinct had he not done what?
(a) Moved the horse out of his bathroom.
(b) Saved a prehistoric fish.
(c) Fallen in love with Susan.
(d) Placed the salt shaker inside the old Greek pot.

9. What does Dirk do when a police officer is about to saw Richard's sofa in half?
(a) Orders him to guard the sofa instead.
(b) Sends the officer back through time.
(c) Faints in order to cause a distraction.
(d) Transforms the saw into a butter knife.

10. During Richard's phone conversation with Susan about Gordon's murder, he learns that the police:
(a) Have a long list of suspects.
(b) No longer suspect him.
(c) Are ruling it a suicide.
(d) Now suspect Dirk.

11. When Michael Wenton-Weakes digs into his wastebasket, he pulls out a copy of the magazine Fathom and finds what?
(a) Article written by Richard.
(b) Ad for Dirk's agency.
(c) Ad for Electronic Monks.
(d) Article about Susan.

12. Reg's resistance to the poltergeist results in what?
(a) Supernatural activity.
(b) The college board wanting to fire him.
(c) A twisted knot in the time-space continuum.
(d) A broken, unusable time machine.

13. Why does Richard call Susan after Dirk gives him the details of Gordon's death a second time?
(a) Richard doesn't believe Dirk.
(b) Susan and Richard are supposed to be on a date.
(c) Richard fears for Susan's life.
(d) Dirk tells Richard that Susan is looking for him.

14. Why did the alien's ship that landed on Earth several billion years ago explode?
(a) Lightning struck the ship.
(b) Nobody knows.
(c) The engines weren't ready.
(d) The Electric Monk pushed the wrong button.

15. The ancient alien ghost explains that he and his party landed on Earth for what?
(a) To hide from their planet's police.
(b) To look for food.
(c) To replenish mineral supplies.
(d) To start a new colony.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Michael Wenton-Weakes wakes up in a strange mood, he realizes that he had just dreamed about what?

2. According to the alien ghost's explanation, what has been orbiting Earth undetected since the explosion that killed him and his friends?

3. When Dirk questions Richard about information revealed under hypnosis, he first asks about what?

4. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?

5. Why does Dirk get an unusual phone with big red push-buttons?

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