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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dirk tells Richard that under hypnosis, he was able to remember details he's not even aware of consciously, including a full description of what?
(a) Reg's horse.
(b) Sarah's dress.
(c) Susan's apartment.
(d) Gordon's car.

2. At Richard's place, Detective Inspector Mason is accompanied by Sergeant Gilks, who is:
(a) The person who got Dirk kicked out of college.
(b) The officer who found Richard on the road.
(c) Michael's half brother.
(d) Gordon's former college roommate.

3. Why did the alien's ship that landed on Earth several billion years ago explode?
(a) Lightning struck the ship.
(b) The engines weren't ready.
(c) Nobody knows.
(d) The Electric Monk pushed the wrong button.

4. When Richard and Dirk visit Reg, why does Dirk prompt Richard to ask about the conjuring trick?
(a) To get Richard to break the ice between them.
(b) To get Reg to confirm what Dirk already knows.
(c) Dirk wants to learn how to do this trick.
(d) Dirk is too shy to ask about it himself.

5. Why does Dirk get an unusual phone with big red push-buttons?
(a) He had thrown his previous phone out the window.
(b) So that a ghost can use it easily.
(c) It was on sale.
(d) To make his agency look more reputable.

6. When Michael Wenton-Weakes digs into his wastebasket, he pulls out a copy of the magazine Fathom and finds what?
(a) Article about Susan.
(b) Ad for Dirk's agency.
(c) Ad for Electronic Monks.
(d) Article written by Richard.

7. Who sits next to three drunk men on a train that is full of party revelers from a wedding?
(a) Dirk.
(b) Michael.
(c) Reg.
(d) Susan.

8. In talking to Reg, Dirk figures out that when Richard seemed hypnotized, he really was:
(a) Pretending to be hypnotized.
(b) Asleep.
(c) Confused.
(d) Possessed by a ghost.

9. After Gordon's death, how does Dirk manage to get into Richard's apartment?
(a) Shipping himself in a package.
(b) Using his invisibility shield.
(c) Hypnotizing the security guard.
(d) Fast-talking his way past the police.

10. With Michael now possessed by a ghost speaking through him, Dirk, Richard, and Reg learn what?
(a) The ghost is hungry for a plate of sardines.
(b) The ghost has greatly enjoyed his experiences on Earth.
(c) Michael frequently dabbled in sorcery.
(d) Michael was easier to control than Reg or Richard were.

11. When Dirk listens to the answering machine tape found in Richard's apartment, he realizes that:
(a) Richard couldn't possibly be connected to Gordon's murder.
(b) He doesn't know what he's looking for.
(c) He might be named a suspect if he's not careful.
(d) Gordon may still be alive somewhere.

12. Why does Richard call Susan after Dirk gives him the details of Gordon's death a second time?
(a) Dirk tells Richard that Susan is looking for him.
(b) Susan and Richard are supposed to be on a date.
(c) Richard doesn't believe Dirk.
(d) Richard fears for Susan's life.

13. As Richard and Dirk talk with the ancient alien ghost, trying to fully understand his story, Richard comes up with the theory that perhaps ghosts:
(a) Live primarily on Jupiter.
(b) Exist like wave patterns.
(c) Fail to understand time.
(d) Need to board an interdimensional limo.

14. Reg replies "You're standing in it" in response to Dirk's question of where is the what?
(a) Alien spaceship.
(b) Time machine.
(c) Haunted room.
(d) Potions lab.

15. What does the ghost say about possessing Michael?
(a) Michael is a twit who deserves to be haunted.
(b) No harm will come to him.
(c) Michael will never be the same again.
(d) No one will miss him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard goes to Susan's place to comfort her after her brother's death, he finds her doing what?

2. Dirk hears Gordon's ghost on the answering machine tape found in Richard's apartment. What does the ghost want?

3. Dirk figures out that the alien ghost wants to wipe out humanity and:

4. After receiving the vital piece of information from Richard about a murder, Dirk realizes that the alien ghost was able to possess Michael because:

5. The ghost explains that he was able to enter Samuel Taylor Coleridge's mind when he was what?

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