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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The individual sitting with drunk men on the train full of party revelers is haunted by an ancient ghost who says that:
(a) His group tried to reach Venus but ended up on Earth instead.
(b) His group came to Earth to destroy it.
(c) His group came to Earth to build a paradise.
(d) His group tried to reach another galaxy but ended up on Earth instead.

2. At the end of the book, when Richard hears Susan play the cello, he recognizes the music as:
(a) What was playing on the taxi's radio.
(b) What he had heard at the Coleridge dinner.
(c) What was playing in the elevator.
(d) What he had heard on the alien mothership.

3. Why do Reg, Richard, and Dirk travel across time to a rain forest in Mauritius in 1676?
(a) To save a type of iguana from extinction.
(b) To retrieve a watch Reg had left behind.
(c) To get away from the alien ghost.
(d) To see a dodo bird.

4. After Reg talks to Richard and Dirk and explains the whole business about the horse, the ghost, the face powder, and quantum jumps, he mentions that:
(a) The powder gave him a rash.
(b) Quantum jumps add years to one's life.
(c) The ghost has left.
(d) The horse didn't want to leave.

5. Dirk figures out that the alien ghost wants to wipe out humanity and:
(a) Haunt a planet free of annoying people.
(b) Start over with dolphins as the dominant species.
(c) Start over and build his own paradise.
(d) Let trees take over the world.

6. At the end of the book, Richard has a phone conversation with Reg during which he learns that:
(a) Gordon managed to leave Reg a message before vanishing.
(b) Reg is no longer in love with Susan.
(c) Dirk took the time machine into the future.
(d) Reg took the Electric Monk and his horse back to their home.

7. When Dirk questions Richard about information revealed under hypnosis, he first asks about what?
(a) Michael's former magazine.
(b) Reg's magic tricks.
(c) Susan's cello performances.
(d) Richard's computer program.

8. The world that the ancient alien came from is what?
(a) Peaceful and calm.
(b) Small and independent.
(c) Beautiful and blue.
(d) Violent and troubled.

9. When the time machine leaves the rain forest and heads back to Cambridge, a knock on the door reveals Michael standing there with what?
(a) A wheelbarrow.
(b) Scuba equipment.
(c) A tray of sushi.
(d) Large bowling pins.

10. During Richard's phone conversation with Susan about Gordon's murder, he learns that the police:
(a) Now suspect Dirk.
(b) No longer suspect him.
(c) Have a long list of suspects.
(d) Are ruling it a suicide.

11. At Richard's place, Detective Inspector Mason is accompanied by Sergeant Gilks, who is:
(a) The officer who found Richard on the road.
(b) Gordon's former college roommate.
(c) The person who got Dirk kicked out of college.
(d) Michael's half brother.

12. What does Dirk do when a police officer is about to saw Richard's sofa in half?
(a) Sends the officer back through time.
(b) Orders him to guard the sofa instead.
(c) Transforms the saw into a butter knife.
(d) Faints in order to cause a distraction.

13. When Reg tells his story to Richard and Dirk, he says he's so old that:
(a) He makes the chancellor look young.
(b) He doesn't remember who he is.
(c) His gray hair has turned gray twenty times over.
(d) He's seen the beginning and end of countless nations.

14. The ancient alien ghost tells Richard that upon reading his article about music, he was what?
(a) Deeply disturbed.
(b) Reminded of his mother.
(c) Deeply moved.
(d) Reminded of his favorite song.

15. The ancient alien ghost explains that he came from where?
(a) Overtina.
(b) Salaxala.
(c) Belonani.
(d) Elabasa.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?

2. In talking to Reg, Dirk figures out that when Richard seemed hypnotized, he really was:

3. Why does Richard call Susan after Dirk gives him the details of Gordon's death a second time?

4. After Richard comes out of hypnosis, where does Dirk take him to talk about what he learned during the session?

5. In order to stop the alien ghost from preventing life from starting on Earth, Richard, Reg and Dirk travel forward to:

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