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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Dirk hears Gordon's ghost on the answering machine tape found in Richard's apartment. What does the ghost want?
(a) To leave a message for Reg's associate.
(b) To have someone search his car.
(c) To have someone search his cottage.
(d) To leave a message on Richard's answering machine.

2. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?
(a) Saving human race from total extinction, no charge.
(b) Saving planet from alien takeover, priceless.
(c) Rescuing the hundredth cat in his career, priceless.
(d) Rescuing cat for the last time, no charge.

3. Reg's explanation of his magic tricks reveals that he has been:
(a) Hallucinating.
(b) Possessed by a ghost.
(c) Time traveling.
(d) Abducted by aliens.

4. While Dirk, Reg, and Richard try to figure out what's behind all the strange recent events, who shows up at the gates of St. Cedd's carrying a large nylon bag?
(a) Ross.
(b) Michael.
(c) Susan.
(d) Kate.

5. The world that the ancient alien came from is what?
(a) Beautiful and blue.
(b) Violent and troubled.
(c) Small and independent.
(d) Peaceful and calm.

6. When Michael Wenton-Weakes wakes up in a strange mood, he realizes that he had just dreamed about what?
(a) Sand, sun, and surf.
(b) Radios, mixed messages, and purple flowers.
(c) Mud, loneliness, and strange crawling creatures.
(d) Horses, pastures, and freedom.

7. After Dirk saves the world, Richard asks:
(a) For a ride to the university.
(b) For a detailed explanation.
(c) To see a psychiatrist.
(d) To go home.

8. At the end of the book, Richard has a phone conversation with Reg during which he learns that:
(a) Reg took the Electric Monk and his horse back to their home.
(b) Reg is no longer in love with Susan.
(c) Gordon managed to leave Reg a message before vanishing.
(d) Dirk took the time machine into the future.

9. After Dirk saves the whole human race from extinction, what does he crave?
(a) A pizza.
(b) An orange.
(c) A cup of tea.
(d) A slice of apple pie.

10. As Richard and Dirk talk with the ancient alien ghost, trying to fully understand his story, Richard comes up with the theory that perhaps ghosts:
(a) Live primarily on Jupiter.
(b) Exist like wave patterns.
(c) Need to board an interdimensional limo.
(d) Fail to understand time.

11. In talking to Reg, Dirk figures out that when Richard seemed hypnotized, he really was:
(a) Asleep.
(b) Pretending to be hypnotized.
(c) Confused.
(d) Possessed by a ghost.

12. The ancient alien ghost explains that he came from where?
(a) Salaxala.
(b) Belonani.
(c) Overtina.
(d) Elabasa.

13. After seeking advice from Nicola, who is ill, about a cello piece with challenging fingering, Susan gets a call. She answers it and hears what?
(a) High-pitched screeching sound.
(b) Distant cry of wind.
(c) Desperate crying.
(d) Disturbing laughter.

14. What three magic words has the Electric Monk been saying to people after listening to their troubles?
(a) "You are right."
(b) "I believe you."
(c) "All is well."
(d) "Time to go."

15. How long has Reg been at Cambridge?
(a) Two thousand years.
(b) Twenty years.
(c) Two hundred years.
(d) Two years.

Short Answer Questions

1. Richard presses Reg to explain how he got the salt shaker into the old Greek pot, and Reg replies that:

2. After waking up from unusual dreams, pondering the events of the night before, and realizing he has no lunch date planned, what does Michael Wenton-Weakes do?

3. The ghost explains that he was able to enter Samuel Taylor Coleridge's mind when he was what?

4. Reg's resistance to the poltergeist results in what?

5. Why do Reg, Richard, and Dirk travel across time to a rain forest in Mauritius in 1676?

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