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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of the book, Dirk sends one more bill to Mrs. Sauskind; what is this bill for?
(a) Rescuing the hundredth cat in his career, priceless.
(b) Rescuing cat for the last time, no charge.
(c) Saving human race from total extinction, no charge.
(d) Saving planet from alien takeover, priceless.

2. After Reg discusses the matter of getting the salt shaker into the old Greek pot, Dirk explains that:
(a) They have no time to waste.
(b) Richard doesn't yet know the secret.
(c) The police are still questioning Susan.
(d) He once got a teacup stuck in a jar.

3. When Richard goes to Susan's place to comfort her after her brother's death, he finds her doing what?
(a) Playing the cello.
(b) Staring out the window.
(c) Looking at photo albums.
(d) Talking on the phone.

4. While Richard tries to explain to Susan who his friend Dirk Gently is, who arrives?
(a) Dirk.
(b) Reg.
(c) Sergeant Gilks.
(d) Michael.

5. Reg's explanation of his magic tricks reveals that he has been:
(a) Hallucinating.
(b) Possessed by a ghost.
(c) Abducted by aliens.
(d) Time traveling.

6. After Dirk saves the whole human race from extinction, what does he crave?
(a) A cup of tea.
(b) A slice of apple pie.
(c) An orange.
(d) A pizza.

7. When Reg tells his story to Richard and Dirk, he says he's so old that:
(a) He's seen the beginning and end of countless nations.
(b) He makes the chancellor look young.
(c) He doesn't remember who he is.
(d) His gray hair has turned gray twenty times over.

8. When Michael, possessed by the alien ghost, leaves the time machine and heads toward the tower, what is he wearing?
(a) Space suit.
(b) Scuba gear.
(c) Angel wings.
(d) Red tie.

9. As Richard and Dirk talk with the ancient alien ghost, trying to fully understand his story, Richard comes up with the theory that perhaps ghosts:
(a) Live primarily on Jupiter.
(b) Fail to understand time.
(c) Need to board an interdimensional limo.
(d) Exist like wave patterns.

10. Richard presses Reg to explain how he got the salt shaker into the old Greek pot, and Reg replies that:
(a) It would take months to explain it.
(b) He got the man who made the pot to put it in.
(c) He hasn't the slightest idea how he did it.
(d) He mentally rearranged the atoms.

11. Why do Reg, Richard, and Dirk travel across time to a rain forest in Mauritius in 1676?
(a) To get away from the alien ghost.
(b) To save a type of iguana from extinction.
(c) To see a dodo bird.
(d) To retrieve a watch Reg had left behind.

12. Reg's resistance to the poltergeist results in what?
(a) Supernatural activity.
(b) A broken, unusable time machine.
(c) The college board wanting to fire him.
(d) A twisted knot in the time-space continuum.

13. When Dirk questions Richard about information revealed under hypnosis, he first asks about what?
(a) Richard's computer program.
(b) Michael's former magazine.
(c) Reg's magic tricks.
(d) Susan's cello performances.

14. Where does Reg go to get face powder to conceal his tan?
(a) A parallel universe.
(b) The local pharmacy.
(c) The campus theater.
(d) Another planet.

15. Why did the alien's ship that landed on Earth several billion years ago explode?
(a) Nobody knows.
(b) Lightning struck the ship.
(c) The Electric Monk pushed the wrong button.
(d) The engines weren't ready.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Richard call Susan after Dirk gives him the details of Gordon's death a second time?

2. Dirk figures out that the alien ghost wants to wipe out humanity and:

3. Dirk hears Gordon's ghost on the answering machine tape found in Richard's apartment. What does the ghost want?

4. While Dirk, Reg, and Richard try to figure out what's behind all the strange recent events, who shows up at the gates of St. Cedd's carrying a large nylon bag?

5. When Dirk brings up the matter of Richard's sofa, Richard is appalled, since he feels they should be talking about what instead?

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