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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Richard do after taking the tape out of Susan Way's answering machine?
(a) Puts it back in.
(b) Puts it in his pocket.
(c) Throws it out the window.
(d) Burns it.

2. While Richard drives and leaves a lengthy message of apology on Susan's answering machine, he swerves because he sees what?
(a) A horse and strange-looking monk.
(b) A purple spaceship.
(c) Reg's time machine.
(d) The specter of Gordon Way.

3. In Chapter 12, after Richard swerves wildly, slams on the brakes, and skids to a stop, he finds himself on the road:
(a) Underneath a tall truck.
(b) Next to a flock of sheep.
(c) Hovering an inch above ground.
(d) Facing the wrong way.

4. When Susan walks into her apartment after Richard has listened to parts of her answering machine tape, what does she do?
(a) Throws her purse at him.
(b) Slaps him.
(c) Hugs him.
(d) Drops her bag of groceries.

5. As the Electric Monk looks across a vast valley, he begins to imagine that he'll find a door here leading to where?
(a) The inside of the moon.
(b) A fast-food restaurant.
(c) The factory where he was made.
(d) A distant world.

6. After Richard apologizes to Susan and she vents some of her anger, she tells him she has to work that weekend and:
(a) Kicks him out.
(b) Tickles him.
(c) Forgives him.
(d) Tells him to bring a pizza.

7. At the end of Chapter 17, what happens as the horse relishes its newfound freedom?
(a) The Electric Monk lands on its back.
(b) The Electronic Monk brings it hay.
(c) It meets three mysterious horses.
(d) It finds itself in another small bathroom.

8. As Gordon heads towards his cabin, he's disappointed that as a ghost, he can't do what?
(a) Leave this town.
(b) Float or drift.
(c) Wail or moan.
(d) Pass through walls.

9. What is the relationship between Richard MacDuff and private investigator Dirk Gently?
(a) Richard is Dirk's long-lost twin brother.
(b) Richard is Dirk's old college friend.
(c) Richard is Dirk's hundred-year-old mentor.
(d) Richard is Dirk's robot assistant.

10. In Chapter 3, Susan Way tells Michael to do what?
(a) Never call again.
(b) Leave a package at the Brazil Club.
(c) Pick up an olive pizza.
(d) Meet her at the Tangiers Club.

11. Reg explains to Richard that his position was created by King George the Third to answer what?
(a) Why things happen in sequence.
(b) Which came first, chickens or ostriches.
(c) Where to go for emergencies.
(d) How much tea one person can drink.

12. After Gordon's ghost arrives at his seven-bedroom cottage, he faints upon discovering what in the kitchen?
(a) Richard's tape recorder.
(b) Susan's cello.
(c) His missing cat.
(d) His missing body.

13. When Richard sees what appears to be someone lugging a body into a field, he dismisses this as merely what?
(a) An actor practicing his improv.
(b) A farmer carrying a sackful of something nutritious.
(c) A man dressed as Santa bringing home presents.
(d) A landscaper carrying a bag of clippings.

14. What happens as the Electric Monk wonders what to do about Gordon, about his own missing horse, and about his belief systems?
(a) It begins to snow.
(b) Dirk finds him and tries to reprogram his circuits.
(c) Gordon's ghost appears to him.
(d) Two men drop off his horse in the pasture.

15. How does Dirk Cjelli make a name for himself while he's in college?
(a) By denying stories about his psychic abilities.
(b) Through his ability to read tea leaves.
(c) Through his ability to sleep thirty hours straight.
(d) By inventing the precursor to the Electric Monk.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Richard returns from doing an errand, he finds Dirk on the phone defending a trip to Bermuda, claiming that while he was there he successfully did what?

2. After Dirk finally stops talking on the phone and welcomes Richard to his agency, he indicates that the light from the window works, gravity works, but with everything else, they simply have to:

3. As the Electric Monk's belief in a door in the valley solidifies into the notion that the Door is The Way, what happens?

4. How is Gordon Way related to Susan, the cellist?

5. As a ghostly Gordon makes his way to his cabin, he wonders what will happen to his what?

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