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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Richard do after taking the tape out of Susan Way's answering machine?
(a) Throws it out the window.
(b) Burns it.
(c) Puts it in his pocket.
(d) Puts it back in.

2. When Richard sees what appears to be someone lugging a body into a field, he dismisses this as merely what?
(a) A landscaper carrying a bag of clippings.
(b) A farmer carrying a sackful of something nutritious.
(c) An actor practicing his improv.
(d) A man dressed as Santa bringing home presents.

3. When Susan listens to her answering machine tape and hears Gordon's rambling message, what does she do?
(a) Laughs at her brother's crazy antics.
(b) Panics because Gordon seems to be in trouble.
(c) Cuts the message short and gives the tape to Richard.
(d) Wonders who switched tapes on her.

4. As the Electric Monk sits atop his horse in a valley on a foreign world, he incorrectly believes that the valley is what?
(a) Unnavigable.
(b) A giant worm.
(c) A deep river.
(d) Bottomless.

5. The author opens Chapter 7 indicating that Gordon Way is not aware that this day is to be what?
(a) Filled with angry phone calls.
(b) The last of his life.
(c) Filled with unusual weather.
(d) The shortest of the year.

Short Answer Questions

1. While Richard drives and leaves a lengthy message of apology on Susan's answering machine, he swerves because he sees what?

2. Why does Richard MacDuff dislike Michael Wenton-Weakes?

3. After Gordon's ghost arrives at his seven-bedroom cottage, he faints upon discovering what in the kitchen?

4. After Richard sees the horse in Reg's bathroom, he leaves and knocks on a neighbor's door. Who answers?

5. During his finals, Dirk makes a bet to try to disprove what?

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