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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 16-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Richard talks with Reg in Chapter 8, he indicates that he's in a relationship with whom?
(a) Kubla Kahn.
(b) Susan Way.
(c) Kate Anselm.
(d) Padma Singh.

2. In this novel, what starts life on primordial Earth?
(a) A sneezing astronaut.
(b) An alien's accident.
(c) A bacterium traveling back in time.
(d) A stray soda can.

3. At the start of Chapter 3, what is Susan Way waiting for?
(a) Pizza delivery.
(b) Pay raise or promotion.
(c) Sign from above.
(d) Phone call or doorbell.

4. What happens when Richard scans Susan Way's answering machine tape in search of his own message?
(a) The teapot whistles.
(b) The doorbell rings.
(c) The phone rings.
(d) The TV turns on.

5. When the little girl at the dinner party in Chapter 4 grows restless and kicks the table, what does her father do?
(a) Laughs loudly.
(b) Orders ice cream for her.
(c) Pretends not to notice.
(d) Scolds her.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Michael Wenton-Weakes' father dies, who takes over the family publishing business?

2. How is Gordon Way related to Susan, the cellist?

3. In Chapter 8, what does Richard MacDuff say has been stuck in his hallway for three weeks?

4. At the start of Chapter 13, someone scans the sky with his binoculars and spots something that appears to be what?

5. When Richard first arrives at Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, he overhears Dirk explain to someone at the other end of the phone line that his job involves doing what?

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