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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens after the Electric Monk and his horse walk through a small wooden door in the valley?
(a) The horse turns into a dog.
(b) A figure who was hiding appears and heads to the door.
(c) The world turns blue.
(d) An angel who had been watching, flies away.

2. Once Dirk and Richard realize what the alien ghost wants, they set out to do what?
(a) Stop him.
(b) Help him.
(c) Trap him.
(d) Dissolve him.

3. The author notes that even though a rider may sit on a horse all day long and not think about the creature, the one being sat upon:
(a) Can't help but form an opinion of the one sitting upon it.
(b) Wants a break now and again.
(c) Would like the roles to be reversed.
(d) Thinks the one sitting upon it is selfish and stubborn.

4. How does the horse regard the Electric Monk that rides it?
(a) It is tired of putting up with the rider's silly situations.
(b) It admires and respects the rider greatly.
(c) It is eager to follow the rider's orders.
(d) It feels it is infinitely smarter and more attractive than the rider.

5. Richard writes Anthem, a financial spreadsheet that translates business financial numbers, into what?
(a) Music.
(b) Colors.
(c) Health predictions.
(d) Plain English.

Short Answer Questions

1. At first, Dirk Gently wants to help the roaming alien ghost using what?

2. Urban Chronotis is Regius Professor of what?

3. When the Electric Monk sits perfectly still atop his horse in a valley on a foreign world, how does everything looks to him?

4. When the little girl at the dinner party in Chapter 4 grows restless and kicks the table, what does her father do?

5. After college and after several failed jobs, Richard MacDuff has achieved great success in what field?

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