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Eight Week Quiz A

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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After college and after several failed jobs, Richard MacDuff has achieved great success in what field?
(a) Voice acting.
(b) Pool lifeguarding.
(c) Book writing.
(d) Computer programming.

2. The Electric Monk is:
(a) An alien that looks like a machine.
(b) A human that looks like a machine.
(c) A machine that looks human.
(d) A human that looks like an alien.

3. At the start of Chapter 3, what is Susan Way waiting for?
(a) Pizza delivery.
(b) Sign from above.
(c) Phone call or doorbell.
(d) Pay raise or promotion.

4. In this novel, what starts life on primordial Earth?
(a) A sneezing astronaut.
(b) A stray soda can.
(c) An alien's accident.
(d) A bacterium traveling back in time.

5. Reg's memory is starting to fade, but he's still good at what?
(a) Number recall.
(b) Magic tricks.
(c) Shakespeare recitations.
(d) Fruit juggling.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the opening of Chapter 4, Richard MacDuff is walking across the campus of St. Cedd's with whom?

2. What is the relationship between Richard MacDuff and private investigator Dirk Gently?

3. As the Electric Monk continues to stare at the presumed pinkness of the valley below him, what comes to his mind?

4. As the Electric Monk looks across a vast valley, he begins to imagine that he'll find a door here leading to where?

5. As a light rain falls on primordial Earth, what is stuck as a river of mud flows past it?

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