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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Richard comes out of hypnosis, where does Dirk take him to talk about what he learned during the session?
(a) The canal.
(b) The pool.
(c) A tea shop.
(d) A pizza place.

2. Reg replies "You're standing in it" in response to Dirk's question of where is the what?
(a) Haunted room.
(b) Time machine.
(c) Alien spaceship.
(d) Potions lab.

3. With whom does Richard MacDuff walk to a dinner in Chapter 4?
(a) His former employer.
(b) His former college tutor.
(c) His half-brother.
(d) His friend's ex-girlfriend.

4. When Reg tells his story to Richard and Dirk, he says he's so old that:
(a) He's seen the beginning and end of countless nations.
(b) He doesn't remember who he is.
(c) He makes the chancellor look young.
(d) His gray hair has turned gray twenty times over.

5. What haunted the ancient alien ghost as he haunted Earth?
(a) Ghosts of deceased presidents.
(b) Voices from television airwaves.
(c) Knowledge of his charming home planet.
(d) Memories of his fellows who had died.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Richard start to fall asleep at the dinner in Chapter 6?

2. At first, Dirk Gently wants to help the roaming alien ghost using what?

3. Who was trying to use Dirk's agency telephone to make a call to Susan?

4. After Gordon dies and steps out of his body, what does he find surprising?

5. In Chapter 4, Richard MacDuff attends a dinner held in honor of whom?

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