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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 28-30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Gordon Way drives his car and leaves a lengthy phone message for Susan, what does he hear?
(a) A noise coming from the car trunk.
(b) A huge jet flying overhead.
(c) A loud siren all around him.
(d) An explosion to the west.

2. How does Gordon Way die at the end of Chapter 7?
(a) Falling off a cliff.
(b) By shotgun.
(c) Chokes on a cracker.
(d) Heart attack.

3. With Richard at his detective agency, Dirk talks by phone to a woman whose cat he found and tries to convince her to do what?
(a) Pay the bill.
(b) Feed her cat.
(c) Recommend him to another client.
(d) Move to Moscow.

4. After Gordon's ghost arrives at his seven-bedroom cottage, he faints upon discovering what in the kitchen?
(a) His missing cat.
(b) Susan's cello.
(c) Richard's tape recorder.
(d) His missing body.

5. After finding the address for Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and going there, Richard arrives in time to see Dirk's unpaid secretary do what?
(a) Throw files out the window.
(b) Steal Dirk's stapler.
(c) Shatter Dirk's tea cup.
(d) Storm out.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Richard has tampered with Susan's answering machine, she walks in with whom?

2. When a client calls Dirk to complain about charges, Dirk writes a note to Richard asking him to go get what?

3. At first, Dirk Gently wants to help the roaming alien ghost using what?

4. When Richard sees what appears to be someone lugging a body into a field, he dismisses this as merely what?

5. When Dirk questions Richard about information revealed under hypnosis, he first asks about what?

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