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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Gordon Way related to Susan, the cellist?
(a) Brother.
(b) Son.
(c) Uncle.
(d) Father.

2. As the Electric Monk sits atop his horse in a valley on a foreign world, he incorrectly believes that the valley is what?
(a) A giant worm.
(b) A deep river.
(c) Unnavigable.
(d) Bottomless.

3. While Gordon Way drives his car and leaves a lengthy phone message for Susan, what does he hear?
(a) A huge jet flying overhead.
(b) A loud siren all around him.
(c) A noise coming from the car trunk.
(d) An explosion to the west.

4. At the dinner in Chapter 4, why does Sarah pass around a pot she found in Greece?
(a) She wants to know if it's worth anything.
(b) She wants someone to translate the strange writing inside.
(c) She's secretly sending a message to Richard.
(d) She's collecting money for a Greek school.

5. After Richard sees the horse in Reg's bathroom, he leaves and knocks on a neighbor's door. Who answers?
(a) The professor nobody has spoken to in years.
(b) The little girl who kicked the table at the Coleridge dinner.
(c) His ex-girlfriend.
(d) His ex-boss.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Gordon Way leaves a message on Susan's answering machine, what does he request of her?

2. In Chapter 7, when Gordon Way stops to fill his car with petrol, what else does he do?

3. During his finals, Dirk makes a bet to try to disprove what?

4. What kind of car does Richard MacDuff drive?

5. At the opening of Chapter 4, Richard MacDuff is walking across the campus of St. Cedd's with whom?

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