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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 9-12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the dinner in Chapter 4, why does Sarah pass around a pot she found in Greece?
(a) She's secretly sending a message to Richard.
(b) She wants someone to translate the strange writing inside.
(c) She wants to know if it's worth anything.
(d) She's collecting money for a Greek school.

2. When Reg prepares tea for Richard, he ends up spilling it all over the floor. What causes him to do this?
(a) He's startled by a noise.
(b) Time warp.
(c) Poltergeist.
(d) His hands fell asleep.

3. What kind of car does Richard MacDuff drive?
(a) Silver Ferrari.
(b) Black Saab.
(c) Blue Audi.
(d) Red Camaro.

4. While Gordon Way drives his car and leaves a lengthy phone message for Susan, what does he hear?
(a) A loud siren all around him.
(b) A huge jet flying overhead.
(c) A noise coming from the car trunk.
(d) An explosion to the west.

5. Once Dirk and Richard realize what the alien ghost wants, they set out to do what?
(a) Help him.
(b) Trap him.
(c) Dissolve him.
(d) Stop him.

Short Answer Questions

1. When the little girl at the dinner party in Chapter 4 grows restless and kicks the table, what does her father do?

2. What does the roaming alien ghost who is driven mad with guilt and loneliness want?

3. How does Reg amuse a little girl named Sarah who is bored at the dinner party in Chapter 4?

4. The Electric Monk is:

5. After a dead Gordon decides to try to get to his cabin, what does he notice about his body?

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