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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 18-20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 7, when Gordon Way stops to fill his car with petrol, what else does he do?
(a) Finishes a phone call.
(b) Overfills his tires with air.
(c) Talks to an unusual cat.
(d) Buys a pack of batteries.

2. After Gordon dies and steps out of his body, what does he find surprising?
(a) People can see him.
(b) He can fly.
(c) His car is intact.
(d) He's still conscious.

3. Thinking about the figure in his trunk, a ghostly Gordon wonders if it really was wearing what?
(a) A pink tie.
(b) Ninja clothes.
(c) A hood.
(d) Pirate clothes.

4. Richard writes Anthem, a financial spreadsheet that translates business financial numbers, into what?
(a) Plain English.
(b) Health predictions.
(c) Colors.
(d) Music.

5. What does Kate Anselm, a programmer, tell Richard when she calls him as he's hunting for Dirk Gently's phone number?
(a) She can't finish her dinner.
(b) She can't reach Gordon.
(c) She can't finish her work.
(d) She can't reach Susan.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he searches for a door in the valley, the Electric Monk is temporarily distracted by a what?

2. Who tells Richard that Gordon was murdered?

3. As a ghostly Gordon makes his way to his cabin, he wonders what will happen to his what?

4. With whom does Richard MacDuff walk to a dinner in Chapter 4?

5. Why does Richard start to fall asleep at the dinner in Chapter 6?

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