Objects & Places from Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

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St. Cedd's College, Cambridge

This place, attended by Dirk, is the alma mater of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Sir Isaac Newton.

The Time Machine

This object is made from Reg's rooms at a university.

The Orbiting Alien Ship

This object was left floating in Earth's atmosphere by the Salaxians.

The Crashed Alien Ship

This object landed on Earth billions of years ago and, upon exploding, created the first life on the planet in primordial mud.

A Beach on Bermuda, Site of Beginning of Life on Earth

The interconnectedness of all things is traced to this place.

The Abacus

Reg uses this object perched on his coffee table to control another object.

WayForward Technologies and WayForward Technologies II

These companies belonged to a wealthy businessman.

Kubla Khan

This object pertains to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's most famous poems.


This is the financial spreadsheet software that Richard wrote for Gordon...

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