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Short Answer Questions

1. When viewing the courtyard, Hulohot figures that ___________________________.

2. While the director is discussing the Crypto situation with Midge and Brinkerhoff, who calls the Director's office?

3. What does Fontaine do after looking out the window at the crypto dome?

4. What happens when the filters give way?

5. The message makes reference to _________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. During the video conference, why does Susan scream?

2. Why did Fontaine send his own team to Spain?

3. How does Fontaine respond to the problem with the crypto dome?

4. Who hired Hulohot and offered the pass key to Numataka?

5. What does Hale say that his plans for Digital Fortress are?

6. When does Becker begin to think of Susan when he is in Santa Cruz?

7. What does Jabba mean when he says pass keys usually have penalty clauses?

8. What does Susan have Soshi do?

9. Why was the Digital Fortress algorithm a hoax?

10. The only escape from Crypto is through Swathmore's private elevator. How does Susan arrive at the password?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Greg Hale is in Crypto on the Saturday when TRANSLTR is trying to break the Digital Fortress code. All cryptologists are urged to not work on Saturdays. Why is this so? Do you think Hale's presence was planned or just coincidence?

Essay Topic 2

Most organizations function on the basis of team work yet Swathmore told only Susan Fletcher about the Digital Fortress problem. Other people who learned about the TRANSLTR run time, began to ask questions and were rebuffed. Some took actions on their own. Was this the proper way to handle the situation? Would problems have been avoided if Swathmore hadn't been so secretive?

Essay Topic 3

There are different kinds of characters in the book, some good and some bad. Who is your favorite character? Explain why. Who is you least favorite character and why?

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