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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Susan try as a password?

2. Why did Fontaine return early from South America?

3. When Swathmore tried to talk to Susan after she dropped his pager on the floor, she ______________________.

4. Who offered to sell the pass key to Numataka?

5. Swathmore refers to the death of Chartrukian as ________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Susan view the orphans?

2. Neither Susan nor Jabba feel the inscription is the pass key. Why?

3. What happened where the filters were totally destroyed?

4. What is the problem with data banks?

5. How does Becker become trapped in the Seville Cathedral?

6. What does Susan have Soshi do?

7. What does Susan learn from Swathmore's pager?

8. When does Becker begin to think of Susan when he is in Santa Cruz?

9. What is one of the first things that Susan sees when she enters the main databank's chamber?

10. Why is Susan trying to leave Crypto?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Greg Hale is in Crypto on the Saturday when TRANSLTR is trying to break the Digital Fortress code. All cryptologists are urged to not work on Saturdays. Why is this so? Do you think Hale's presence was planned or just coincidence?

Essay Topic 2

Tankado's schemes duped Swathmore and others at the NSA, and it cost the NSA its TRANSLTR computer. Explain Tankado's scheme and how he orchestrated it. How could Swathmore be duped? What did Tankado have to know in order for Swathmore to be duped?

Essay Topic 3

The NSA staff does not work as a team until the end of the novel. Explain how this caused many of the problems that occurred. What is the value of teamwork? Explain within the context of the end of the novel.

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