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Short Answer Questions

1. Rochio tells Becker that she _______________________-.

2. What does Becker find in the bathroom at the airport?

3. Swathmore's plan includes _________________________________.

4. What is TRANSLTR?

5. When Susan checks Hale's computer, she finds __________________________-.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Swathmore plan to do about the situation in Crypto?

2. What is a mutation string?

3. Becker tries to call Swathmore from the airport but can't get a line. What does he remember?

4. What does Susan think of Swathmore's plan to replace the original Digital Fortress program with a modification?

5. What did Tankado plan to do with Digital Fortress?

6. Why does Becker decide to enter the Club Embrujo?

7. What deal does Hale want?

8. How does Greg Hale feel he has to stop Phil Chartrukian?

9. How does Becker find Rochio?

10. Jabba had been ignoring Midge's concerns about TRANSLTR and the possibility of a virus all day. Why did he suddenly drop what he was doing and run to the main data banks?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Swathmore's actions cost the government a two billion dollar super computer and caused the death of or affected the lives of many people. Do you think Swathmore deserved to die? Why or why not? Was it poetic justice? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

What is cryptology? Explain why it is important. Have you ever had any experience with encryption programs? What is decoding and why is it important? What kind of entities are interested in breaking code and why?

Essay Topic 3

Tankado's favorite saying was 'Who Will Guard the Guards?' Explain the meaning of this term within the context of the novel. Who was Tankado applying the term to and why?

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