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Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Susan Fletcher work?

2. Becker finds Rochio's hotel number by ___________________________.

3. What does North Dakota tell Numataka about the pass keys?

4. What happens when Susan and Swathmore enter Node 3?

5. What is Chartrukian told by Swathmore?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Phil Chartrukian come into conflict with Swathmore?

2. What deal does Hale want?

3. How does Becker try to locate the ring?

4. What is the Monocle?

5. What does Becker learn from Two-Tone?

6. What did Tankado plan to do with Digital Fortress?

7. What did the American using the name North Dakota do?

8. What does Hale say to Susan when they are in Node 3?

9. How does Greg Hale feel he has to stop Phil Chartrukian?

10. What is Midge's plan when she learns that it is possible for Swathmore to bypass Gauntlet?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Fontaine does not intervene in the situation until after the explosion in crypto. Why does he wait? What information does he have from tapping Swathmore's computer account? Evaluate Fontaine's handling of the situation.

Essay Topic 2

Tankado opposed the secrecy of TRANSLTR and devised his scheme to force the NSA to make its existence known. How did Tankado make this fact known? Do you think Tankado expected his worm to do the damage it eventually did? What would the use of the terms Hiroshima and Nagasaki indicate?

Essay Topic 3

There are different kinds of characters in the book, some good and some bad. Who is your favorite character? Explain why. Who is you least favorite character and why?

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