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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much is Numataka supposed to pay for the pass key?
(a) he'll wait and download it for free
(b) five million dollars
(c) one million dollars
(d) twenty million dollars

2. What action does Chartrukian decide to take?
(a) to report the situation to his superior
(b) to return to Crypto
(c) to run further tests
(d) to follow Swathmore's orders and leave Crypto

3. The kid on the bus tells Becker about Judas Taboo and that ___________________________________-.
(a) his hair color is his own business`
(b) to mind his own business
(c) everyone will have red, white and blue hair today
(d) he knows nothing about a ring

4. Why doesn't Baker recognize the man in the wire-rimmed glasses at Club Embrujo?
(a) he is too drunk to notice
(b) the man is wearing a disguise
(c) Becker isn't wearing his glasses
(d) the man isn't there

5. What is Hale's reaction to Swathmore's call to Security?
(a) Hale repeats his demands
(b) Hale remains calm
(c) Hale Attackes Swathmore
(d) Hale begins to panic

Short Answer Questions

1. The one billion dollar code figure is explained by ____________________________.

2. What is an anonymous server?

3. When Susan and Swathmore are in Swathmore's office, what does he take out of his desk drawer?

4. What happens when Susan and Swathmore enter Node 3?

5. Susan avoids being caught snooping through Hale's computer because __________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Phil Chartrukian come into conflict with Swathmore?

2. Why does Becker decide to enter the Club Embrujo?

3. Jabba had been ignoring Midge's concerns about TRANSLTR and the possibility of a virus all day. Why did he suddenly drop what he was doing and run to the main data banks?

4. What is Midge's plan when she learns that it is possible for Swathmore to bypass Gauntlet?

5. How does Greg Hale feel he has to stop Phil Chartrukian?

6. How does Becker try to locate the ring?

7. What deal does Hale want?

8. What is a cipher text?

9. Why does Phil Chartrukian decide to report the possibility of a TRANSLTR virus to his superior?

10. What is the significance of the missing ring?

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