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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Becker try to find the German?
(a) he reports the situation to the police
(b) he calls the escort services listed in the phone book
(c) he obtains the address from Clouchard
(d) he has Swathmore send a special team

2. The first code writer was________________.
(a) Julius Caesar
(b) Napoleon
(c) Adolph Hitler
(d) Douglas MacArthur

3. Why is Susan called to work on a Saturday?
(a) she had an overdue report
(b) TRANSLTR could not break a code
(c) her superior was sick
(d) there was a crisis in the Middle East

4. Becker finds Rochio's hotel number by ___________________________.
(a) writing a note and watching which slot the desk clerk deposits it in
(b) bribing a bellhop
(c) following the German
(d) bribing the desk clerk

5. Why does Phil Chartrukian feel TRANSLTR is infected with a virus?
(a) he found an infected file
(b) he is just rying to cause trouble
(c) he has a hunch
(d) his tests uncovered mutation strings

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?

2. Susan escapes from Node 3 by _____________________.

3. Susan's tracer program was ___________________.

4. What does North Dakota tell Numataka about the pass keys?

5. What is Dewdrop?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of the missing ring?

2. What is the Monocle?

3. What do Chad Brinkerhoff and Midge Milken question?

4. Why does Brinkerhoff find Fontaine's reaction to the problems in Crypto to be strange?

5. Why does Hale want Susan to come with him?

6. What is a mutation string?

7. What is Midge's plan when she learns that it is possible for Swathmore to bypass Gauntlet?

8. What leads Susan to believe that Greg Hale is North Dakota?

9. How does Becker try to locate the ring?

10. How does Swathmore respond when learning about Greg Hale being North Dakota?

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