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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Becker finds the Canadian, what does he learn about the ring?
(a) that Tankado gave the ring to a German who was with a red haired woman
(b) that there is no engraving in the ring
(c) that the Canadian won't give him the ring
(d) that he has the ring

2. What is an anonymous server?
(a) it protects the identity of email users by being a middleman for email
(b) it allows people to post their opinions on various topices
(c) it allows for the dissemination of freeware
(d) it provides internet accountsq

3. What is Dewdrop?
(a) a pass code
(b) the hotel where the German is staying
(c) the name given to Becker by Clouchard
(d) the code key

4. What is David Becker?
(a) a professor at Georgetown University
(b) an FBI agent
(c) an analyst at the State Department
(d) a cryptologist at the National Security Council

5. Who feels threatened about a possible investigation if TRANSLTR is shut down?
(a) Greg Hale
(b) Midge Wilken
(c) Susan Fletcher
(d) Phil Chartrukian

Short Answer Questions

1. Jabaa learns of TRANSLTR running eighteen hours on one file from whom?

2. When Susan checks Hale's computer, she finds __________________________-.

3. Which of the following is Phil Chartrukian not concerned with?

4. Hale is bothered by ____________________-.

5. What happens when Susan and Swathmore enter Node 3?

Short Essay Questions

1. After talking to Swathmore, what does Susan learn from Hale?

2. What do Chad Brinkerhoff and Midge Milken question?

3. What does Hale say to Susan when they are in Node 3?

4. Why does Brinkerhoff find Fontaine's reaction to the problems in Crypto to be strange?

5. Why does Becker decide to enter the Club Embrujo?

6. What happens when Midge and Brinkerhoff are in the Director's office looking at the printout?

7. How does Greg Hale feel he has to stop Phil Chartrukian?

8. Why does Phil Chartrukian decide to report the possibility of a TRANSLTR virus to his superior?

9. Jabba had been ignoring Midge's concerns about TRANSLTR and the possibility of a virus all day. Why did he suddenly drop what he was doing and run to the main data banks?

10. What leads Susan to believe that Greg Hale is North Dakota?

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