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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the cathedral bells rang, _________________________________________.
(a) Becker was able to rest and tend to his wounds
(b) Hulohot paniced and fled
(c) the pasageways of Santa Cruz became flooded with people
(d) the noise covered the sounds of the shots

2. The perfect square is known as what?
(a) the square box
(b) the Perfect Box
(c) Caesar's Box
(d) the Unsolvable box

3. What did the NSA agents use on David Becker?
(a) a hand gun
(b) a rifle butt
(c) their fists
(d) a stun gun

4. On the way to a secure underground vault area, Chad introduces Susan to whom?
(a) Jabba
(b) Director Fontaine
(c) Midge Wilken
(d) the Security staff

5. How long did it take the staff to restore the filters?
(a) one hour
(b) thirty five minutes
(c) a few minutes
(d) several hours

6. What did the Director have Midge Wilken do?
(a) call a press conference
(b) arrange a video conference with NSA agents in Spain
(c) go home
(d) prepare a press release

7. When Swathmore tried to talk to Susan after she dropped his pager on the floor, she ______________________.
(a) shouted at Swathmore
(b) fainted
(c) ran out of Node 3
(d) began screaming

8. After leaving Santa Cruz, Becker moved with the crowd to __________________.
(a) a restaurant
(b) a bar
(c) the cathedral
(d) the shopping area

9. Why did Susan try three as the passkey?
(a) they guessed
(b) 238-235 = 3 and Tankado had three fingers due to a birth deformity
(c) they found the anser in the programming
(d) the answer appeared when the last filter failed

10. While the director is discussing the Crypto situation with Midge and Brinkerhoff, who calls the Director's office?
(a) Swathmore
(b) Susan Fletcher
(c) Numataka
(d) Jabba

11. While they are talking with the agents in Spain, the work is how far away from destroying the remaining filters?
(a) twenty hours
(b) less than one half hour
(c) one hour
(d) three hours

12. What does Susan find next to Hale's body?
(a) the note written by Swathmore
(b) her shoes
(c) the pass key
(d) a suicide note written by Hale

13. What does David suggest to Susan?
(a) she should do an anagram of the inscription
(b) that she multiply sixteen by four and take out the spaces
(c) she call him on a private line
(d) she give up

14. Why did Fontaine send a team of his own to Spain?
(a) he didn't trust Hulohot
(b) he wanted Hulohot killed
(c) he wanted Tankado killed
(d) he didn't trust Swathmore

15. Who offered to sell the pass key to Numataka?
(a) Tankado
(b) Fontaine`
(c) Hale
(d) Swathmore

Short Answer Questions

1. Swathmore is _________________________-.

2. In Node 3, Susan finds _________________________________.

3. When viewing the courtyard, Hulohot figures that ___________________________.

4. When Hale regains consciousness, he tells Susan that ___________________________.

5. What is a prime number?

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