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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Susan is walking on the underground highway, who drives up in a gold cart?
(a) Midge Wilken
(b) Chad Brinkerhoff
(c) Jabba
(d) Director Fontaine

2. What did the NSA agents use on David Becker?
(a) a rifle butt
(b) a hand gun
(c) their fists
(d) a stun gun

3. When Hulohot reaches the viewing platform firing, what does he find?
(a) Becker is sitting there surprised by Hulohot's appearance
(b) Becker is not there
(c) Becker is dead
(d) Becker is unconscious and bleeding

4. What does the group view on the screen?
(a) a view of Brinkerhoff with his girlfriend
(b) no video
(c) the video of the Tankado kill and his last moments of life
(d) a video of Tankado talking with Hulohot

5. As Swathmore returns to Node 3, Susan is referred to as his ______________.
(a) future
(b) alibi
(c) reason
(d) liability

6. Swathmore is _________________________-.
(a) the force behind Tankado
(b) secretly in love with Susan
(c) too old to do his job
(d) the real North Dakota

7. While they are talking with the agents in Spain, the work is how far away from destroying the remaining filters?
(a) less than one half hour
(b) twenty hours
(c) one hour
(d) three hours

8. While Hulohot was running up the stairs, Becker ran down to a ________________________.
(a) landing and hung over the edge
(b) hid behind a wall
(c) jumped to his death
(d) found a secret door

9. As Becker is driving, he thinks of all but __________________.
(a) Susan
(b) why is the ring so important
(c) who is trying to kill him
(d) where is the Learjet

10. The group approaches the message by _____________________.
(a) having Soshi play with different letter combinations
(b) assigning it ot Susan
(c) assigning it to Jabba
(d) brainstorming

11. Why did Fontaine send a team of his own to Spain?
(a) he didn't trust Swathmore
(b) he wanted Hulohot killed
(c) he wanted Tankado killed
(d) he didn't trust Hulohot

12. Swathmore follows Susan and _____________________.
(a) tells her she can leave
(b) begs her to stay with him
(c) strikes her
(d) threatens to kill Susan

13. Why did Fontaine return early from South America?
(a) the agents reported that something had gone wrong
(b) David Becker appeared on the scene
(c) there were too many deaths
(d) Tankado was killed

14. Why did Susan try three as the passkey?
(a) the answer appeared when the last filter failed
(b) they guessed
(c) they found the anser in the programming
(d) 238-235 = 3 and Tankado had three fingers due to a birth deformity

15. Susan's attitude and demeanor are cold and icy toward Swathmore because _______________________________.
(a) she thought about what Hale told her
(b) she found a second note written by Swathmore
(c) she read an email on Hale's computer
(d) she has read his pager message that David Becker was terminated

Short Answer Questions

1. The agents in Spain _______________________.

2. What happened to Susan during the explosion?

3. Jabba estimates that Tankado's worm will do its job in __________________.

4. What does Susan hear as she is descending through the sub-levels?

5. What decision does Swathmore make when Susan leaves his office?

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