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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hulohot pinpoints Becker's location by ______________________________-.
(a) searching the area
(b) following a trail of blood
(c) seeing a man's shadow from the sun
(d) calling out to him

2. How did Becker get out of Santa Cruz?
(a) he just followed the crowd
(b) he went to the police station
(c) he asked directions
(d) he hid in a cafe

3. Swathmore is _________________________-.
(a) secretly in love with Susan
(b) the force behind Tankado
(c) too old to do his job
(d) the real North Dakota

4. Susan finally turned and tried to run for safety because she ____________________________-.
(a) the heat became so intense
(b) hear David's voice telling her to run
(c) Swathmore told her to run
(d) couldn't stand to be around Swathmore

5. Who was Hulohot?
(a) a fortune-seeker who learned about the key
(b) an underworld thug
(c) an employee of Numataka Corporation
(d) a Portuguese mercenary who worked for NSA

6. What did the group have to focus on to solve the code?
(a) latitude and longitude
(b) the time remaining
(c) history
(d) math and science

7. What is the first thing that David says to Susan?
(a) who are all these people
(b) where is Swathmore
(c) what happened
(d) will you marry me

8. As Becker is driving, he thinks of all but __________________.
(a) where is the Learjet
(b) who is trying to kill him
(c) Susan
(d) why is the ring so important

9. Jabba describes the problem in the data banks as what?
(a) an intruder`
(b) spyware
(c) a worm
(d) a virus

10. What does the group view on the screen?
(a) the video of the Tankado kill and his last moments of life
(b) no video
(c) a view of Brinkerhoff with his girlfriend
(d) a video of Tankado talking with Hulohot

11. Why did Swathmore leave Node to go to his office to abort TRANSLTR?
(a) to prevent Hale from using it
(b) a warning alarm from the sub-level sounded
(c) to stop the Digital Fortress
(d) for routine maintenance

12. Jabba estimates that Tankado's worm will do its job in __________________.
(a) five hours
(b) twenty-four hours
(c) one hour
(d) ten hours

13. The group approaches the message by _____________________.
(a) assigning it to Jabba
(b) brainstorming
(c) having Soshi play with different letter combinations
(d) assigning it ot Susan

14. What does Susan try as a password?
(a) the word virus
(b) the name of Swathmore's wife
(c) her own name
(d) the name David

15. Brinkerhoff describes the cryptodome as ______________________.
(a) looking like an explosion had taken place
(b) looking like a disco
(c) full of smoke
(d) in total darkness

Short Answer Questions

1. On the way to a secure underground vault area, Chad introduces Susan to whom?

2. Where is Becker when Hulohot tries to shoot him again?

3. The Caesar's Box contains ________________________.

4. Why did Fontaine send a team of his own to Spain?

5. What are the engraved letters on the ring?

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