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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At this point, how much time is there until the final filter is destroyed?
(a) six hours
(b) one hour
(c) twenty five minutes
(d) eight minutes

2. What does Susan hear as she is descending through the sub-levels?
(a) nothing but the sound of the alarm
(b) the sound of a gun shot
(c) Swathmore calling her back
(d) Hale calling for help

3. What decision does Swathmore make when Susan leaves his office?
(a) to divorce his wife and marry Susan
(b) to end his own life
(c) to blame everything on Susan
(d) to make Hale the fall-guy

4. When Hale regains consciousness, he tells Susan that ___________________________.
(a) he is not North Dakota
(b) he gave the pass key away
(c) the pass key is on the ARA server
(d) he has the pass key

5. When Fontaine viewed the crypto dome from his window, he thought _________________________-.
(a) there was an explosion
(b) there was a fire
(c) this was not a part of the plan
(d) why didn't Swathmore call

6. Who was Hulohot?
(a) an employee of Numataka Corporation
(b) an underworld thug
(c) a Portuguese mercenary who worked for NSA
(d) a fortune-seeker who learned about the key

7. How does Hulohot die?
(a) falling down the stairs
(b) shot by the police
(c) shoots himself
(d) shot by Becker

8. What happens during Communion at the Seville Cathedral?
(a) Becker kills Hulohot
(b) Hulohot kills the wrong man
(c) Hulohot kills Becker
(d) Becker watches Hulohot receive Communion

9. At this point, how much time remains before the final filter is destroyed?
(a) fifteen minutes
(b) five minutes
(c) two hours
(d) thirty five minutes

10. When Swathmore tried to talk to Susan after she dropped his pager on the floor, she ______________________.
(a) fainted
(b) shouted at Swathmore
(c) began screaming
(d) ran out of Node 3

11. Jabba estimates that Tankado's worm will do its job in __________________.
(a) ten hours
(b) five hours
(c) one hour
(d) twenty-four hours

12. When Susan is walking on the underground highway, who drives up in a gold cart?
(a) Chad Brinkerhoff
(b) Midge Wilken
(c) Director Fontaine
(d) Jabba

13. What is a prime number?
(a) a number that can only be divided by one and itself
(b) the first number in the sequence
(c) the middle number in the sequence
(d) any number that is important

14. What does Fontaine do after looking out the window at the crypto dome?
(a) he calls the Fire Department
(b) he calls Security
(c) he tries to call Swathmore
(d) he sends Midge to check the situation

15. What does not happen when Fontaine orders Jabba to enter the inscription?
(a) the penalty clause causes the worm to accelerate
(b) they find the program is looking for a numeric pass key
(c) the pass key they tried is wrong
(d) the worm is stopped

Short Answer Questions

1. The group approaches the message by _____________________.

2. What does David suggest to Susan?

3. Susan finally turned and tried to run for safety because she ____________________________-.

4. When the cathedral bells rang, _________________________________________.

5. What does Susan find next to Hale's body?

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