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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At this point, how much time remains before the final filter is destroyed?
(a) thirty five minutes
(b) five minutes
(c) two hours
(d) fifteen minutes

2. When all the orphans are typed on the screen, Susan says that the block of four looks like what?
(a) a math book
(b) the coding for TRANSLTR
(c) the Nazi Enigma code
(d) newspaper puzzles

3. When Becker enters Santa Cruz, Hulohot _____________________.
(a) chases him on foot
(b) crashes the taxi in the narrow passage ways
(c) gives up the chase
(d) steals a motorcycle and follows

4. Susan finally turned and tried to run for safety because she ____________________________-.
(a) hear David's voice telling her to run
(b) Swathmore told her to run
(c) the heat became so intense
(d) couldn't stand to be around Swathmore

5. In the end, it turns out that Numataka is ___________________.
(a) Tankado's father
(b) Tankado's employer
(c) Tankado's brother
(d) Tankado's uncle

6. Who offered to sell the pass key to Numataka?
(a) Fontaine`
(b) Tankado
(c) Hale
(d) Swathmore

7. What did Swathmore do when he bypassed Gauntlet?
(a) infected TRANSLTR with the worm
(b) decrypted the pass key but didn't know it
(c) forced Hale to surface
(d) outsmarted Tankado

8. What element was used in making the bombs?
(a) uranium
(b) plutonium
(c) cesium
(d) lithium

9. Swathmore refers to the death of Chartrukian as ________________________.
(a) an accident
(b) a warranted casualty
(c) a necessity
(d) self-defense

10. When Swathmore tried to talk to Susan after she dropped his pager on the floor, she ______________________.
(a) shouted at Swathmore
(b) fainted
(c) ran out of Node 3
(d) began screaming

11. Jabba estimates that Tankado's worm will do its job in __________________.
(a) ten hours
(b) five hours
(c) twenty-four hours
(d) one hour

12. The agents claim that ________________________.
(a) Hulohot gave the pass key away
(b) Hulohot destroyed the pass key
(c) they can't find the pass key
(d) Hulohot sold the pass key

13. The group approaches the message by _____________________.
(a) assigning it to Jabba
(b) having Soshi play with different letter combinations
(c) assigning it ot Susan
(d) brainstorming

14. As Becker is driving, he thinks of all but __________________.
(a) why is the ring so important
(b) where is the Learjet
(c) who is trying to kill him
(d) Susan

15. What is Jabba's recommendation?
(a) to transfer the data files before the worm is finished
(b) to use an anti-virus program
(c) to shut down the computer
(d) he says there is nothing they can do

Short Answer Questions

1. If Tankado's work is successful, it will mean that ____________________________.

2. Why don't they type in the saying as the pass key code?

3. What does Susan try as a password?

4. When Susan is walking on the underground highway, who drives up in a gold cart?

5. The agents in Spain _______________________.

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