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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To Swathmore, the most important thing now is ____________________.
(a) NSA
(b) Susan
(d) national security

2. While Hulohot was running up the stairs, Becker ran down to a ________________________.
(a) found a secret door
(b) landing and hung over the edge
(c) jumped to his death
(d) hid behind a wall

3. What is the target of Tankado's worm?
(a) the security filters
(b) all files
(c) satellite photos
(d) agent name files

4. When Susan is walking on the underground highway, who drives up in a gold cart?
(a) Jabba
(b) Chad Brinkerhoff
(c) Midge Wilken
(d) Director Fontaine

5. What is Jabba's recommendation?
(a) to shut down the computer
(b) he says there is nothing they can do
(c) to use an anti-virus program
(d) to transfer the data files before the worm is finished

6. Brinkerhoff describes the cryptodome as ______________________.
(a) looking like a disco
(b) looking like an explosion had taken place
(c) in total darkness
(d) full of smoke

7. How did Becker get out of Santa Cruz?
(a) he went to the police station
(b) he asked directions
(c) he just followed the crowd
(d) he hid in a cafe

8. What does the group use as a resource?
(a) a math book
(b) the Internet
(c) a computer manual
(d) a science book

9. What did Swathmore do when he bypassed Gauntlet?
(a) infected TRANSLTR with the worm
(b) forced Hale to surface
(c) outsmarted Tankado
(d) decrypted the pass key but didn't know it

10. What is the only way out of the burning, smoke-filled crypto area?
(a) Swathmore's private elevator
(b) throughj the glass doors
(c) the emergency fire exit
(d) the stairs

11. What happens when the filters give way?
(a) the staff disconnected the unauthorized users
(b) the computer was deluged with downloads
(c) nothing happened
(d) they called in the FBI

12. Susan and David meet at _________________.
(a) David's apartment
(b) Susan's apartment
(c) the airport
(d) Stone Manor

13. In the end, it turns out that Numataka is ___________________.
(a) Tankado's employer
(b) Tankado's uncle
(c) Tankado's brother
(d) Tankado's father

14. At this point, how much time remains before the final filter is destroyed?
(a) fifteen minutes
(b) thirty five minutes
(c) five minutes
(d) two hours

15. How long did it take the staff to restore the filters?
(a) thirty five minutes
(b) a few minutes
(c) several hours
(d) one hour

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the term "sharks" refer to?

2. When Hulohot reaches the viewing platform firing, what does he find?

3. Why don't they type in the saying as the pass key code?

4. When does the Director order a crew to be sent to Crypto?

5. What does Susan begin to suspect?

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