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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Dewdrop?
(a) the hotel where the German is staying
(b) a pass code
(c) the code key
(d) the name given to Becker by Clouchard

2. How does Becker try to find the German?
(a) he reports the situation to the police
(b) he calls the escort services listed in the phone book
(c) he has Swathmore send a special team
(d) he obtains the address from Clouchard

3. Midge obtains the keys to the Director's office by ____________________________.
(a) using her own keys
(b) receiving permission from the Director
(c) playing tapes of Brinkerhoff fondling his girlfriend
(d) calling Security

4. While trying to find the ring, what doesn't Becker realize?
(a) that he wont be paid
(b) that he is under observation by the police
(c) that he is wasting his time
(d) that he is being followed by a man wearing wire rimmed glasses

5. Hale wants Susan to come with him because he __________________________--.
(a) is in love with Susan
(b) wants to hurt Swathmore
(c) needs her for directions
(d) doesn't have a chance without a hostage

6. What does Midge Wilken see from her office?
(a) Hale running across the parking lot
(b) Chartrukian running across the grounds
(c) the lights in Crypto go off
(d) nothing out of the ordinary

7. What does Hale tell a terrified Susan?
(a) that Swathmore killed Chartrukian
(b) Chartrukian fell accidently
(c) he doesn't mention Chartrukian
(d) that he killed Chartrukian

8. Susan avoids being caught snooping through Hale's computer because __________________________.
(a) Hale was too concerned for her safety
(b) Hale was too busy eating snacks
(c) Chartrukian called Greg from the room
(d) Hale left for the day

9. What does Becker learn from Two-Tone about the girl who he described?
(a) she is a prostitute
(b) she is a run-away
(c) he doesn't know anyone fitting that description
(d) she is Eduardo's girl

10. What does Becker find in the bathroom at the airport?
(a) Megan's body
(b) a bag with money
(c) a janitor's body
(d) he can't wash the mace-like substance out of his eyes

11. Jabaa learns of TRANSLTR running eighteen hours on one file from whom?
(a) Phil Chartrukian
(b) Dommander Swathmore
(c) Greg Hale
(d) Midge Milken

12. Becker finds Rochio's hotel number by ___________________________.
(a) bribing the desk clerk
(b) bribing a bellhop
(c) writing a note and watching which slot the desk clerk deposits it in
(d) following the German

13. While checking the monthly reports, Chad Brinkerhoff notices ______________________________.
(a) a cost of $999,999,999.00 to break one code
(b) the director has exceeded his travel budget
(c) his expense account figures are too high
(d) nothing out of the ordinary

14. Why does Phil Chartrukian feel TRANSLTR is infected with a virus?
(a) he is just rying to cause trouble
(b) he found an infected file
(c) his tests uncovered mutation strings
(d) he has a hunch

15. What do Midge Milken and Chad Brinkerhoff question?
(a) the possibility of a virus
(b) the zero codes broken figure
(c) the reliability of the data
(d) nothing

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hale's reaction to Swathmore's call to Security?

2. What is TRANSLTR?

3. Tankado has given a copy of the pass key to a friend for safe keeping. What happens if anything happens to Tankado?

4. Swathmore's plan includes _________________________________.

5. What happens before Susan can leave the bathroom?

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