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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Becker find in the bathroom at the airport?
(a) a bag with money
(b) a janitor's body
(c) Megan's body
(d) he can't wash the mace-like substance out of his eyes

2. What does Swathmore want Susan Fletcher to do?
(a) locate Tankado's partner
(b) write a program to fix TRANSLTR
(c) break the Digital Fortress code
(d) report the situation to the President

3. Why doesn't Becker leave Spain?
(a) he tries to track the Canadian with the ring
(b) he has a fight with Susan
(c) he decides to go sight seeing
(d) the police prevent him from leaving

4. What does Hale tell a terrified Susan?
(a) that Swathmore killed Chartrukian
(b) Chartrukian fell accidently
(c) he doesn't mention Chartrukian
(d) that he killed Chartrukian

5. Hale wants Susan to come with him because he __________________________--.
(a) doesn't have a chance without a hostage
(b) wants to hurt Swathmore
(c) is in love with Susan
(d) needs her for directions

6. What happens when Midge and Brinkerhoff are in the Director's office?
(a) Hale walks in
(b) they can't find the printout
(c) they are caught by Securioty
(d) the Director walks in

7. What is an anonymous server?
(a) it protects the identity of email users by being a middleman for email
(b) it provides internet accountsq
(c) it allows for the dissemination of freeware
(d) it allows people to post their opinions on various topices

8. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?
(a) university professor
(b) cryptologist
(c) FBI agent
(d) crime analyst

9. When Swathmore tells Phil Chartrukian to leave, he doesn't. Why does he stay to run more tests on TRANSLTR?
(a) he is not clearned to use TRANSLTR
(b) he is the partner of Tankado
(c) he is on the payroll of Numataka
(d) he doesn't believe Swthmore's story and wants to provide his point

10. When Susan is talking to Fletcher, Greg Hale _____________________.
(a) ignores them
(b) locks her out of her computer
(c) changes the target on the tracer program
(d) aborts her tracer program

11. When Becker finds the Canadian, what does he learn about the ring?
(a) that the Canadian won't give him the ring
(b) that Tankado gave the ring to a German who was with a red haired woman
(c) that there is no engraving in the ring
(d) that he has the ring

12. What action does Chartrukian decide to take?
(a) to return to Crypto
(b) to report the situation to his superior
(c) to run further tests
(d) to follow Swathmore's orders and leave Crypto

13. What do Swathmore and Susan think of the ring?
(a) it has NDAKOTA's email address
(b) the pass key is engraved on it
(c) it came from the NSA
(d) it is valuable

14. What is Dewdrop?
(a) a pass code
(b) the hotel where the German is staying
(c) the code key
(d) the name given to Becker by Clouchard

15. Where does Susan Fletcher work?
(a) The Pentagon
(b) Central Intelligence Agency
(c) National Security Agency
(d) National Reconnaisance Center

Short Answer Questions

1. When Midge learns that it is possible to override Gauntlet, what does she plan to do?

2. While Becker is sitting in the hotel bar, Rocio and the German are _______________.

3. When Jabba learns of the power failure in Crypto, he is not concerned about a virus until he learns that ____________________________.

4. Hale still maintains that _________________________.

5. In trying to find Megan and the ring, Becker travels to the airport by _____________.

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