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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is David Becker?
(a) a cryptologist at the National Security Council
(b) a professor at Georgetown University
(c) an analyst at the State Department
(d) an FBI agent

2. What is Hale's reaction to Swathmore's call to Security?
(a) Hale begins to panic
(b) Hale Attackes Swathmore
(c) Hale remains calm
(d) Hale repeats his demands

3. Becker finds Rochio's hotel number by ___________________________.
(a) bribing the desk clerk
(b) following the German
(c) writing a note and watching which slot the desk clerk deposits it in
(d) bribing a bellhop

4. When Susan and Swathmore are in Swathmore's office, what does he take out of his desk drawer?
(a) a knife
(b) a letter from Tankado
(c) a gun
(d) a printout of the pass key

5. Why does Susan apologize to Swathmore?
(a) for doubting his motives
(b) for giving Hale a chance to talk
(c) she thinks she has ruined his plans for the Digital Fortress
(d) for walking out of Node 3

6. What does Swathmore want from Hale?
(a) the pass key
(b) his resignation
(c) his email
(d) the money from the sale to the Japanese firm

7. Who or what is North Dakota?
(a) the code name of Tankado's partner
(b) the name of an anonymous server
(c) the name of Tankado's Internet site
(d) the name of the pass key

8. What were Tankado's plans for Digital Fortress?
(a) to auction the pass key to the highest bidder
(b) to make the pass key publicly available
(c) to keep Digital Fortress a secret
(d) to give the pass key to NSA

9. What does Susan think of Swathmore's plan?
(a) she feels it is deceptive
(b) she views it as a major intelligence coup
(c) she doesn't believe Swathmore
(d) she wants no part of it

10. What happens before Susan can leave the bathroom?
(a) she decides to hide from Hale
(b) Swtahmore calls her on the phone
(c) she hears a gun shot
(d) the lights go out

11. What does Hale tell a terrified Susan?
(a) that Swathmore killed Chartrukian
(b) that he killed Chartrukian
(c) he doesn't mention Chartrukian
(d) Chartrukian fell accidently

12. What happens when Midge and Brinkerhoff are in the Director's office?
(a) Hale walks in
(b) they are caught by Securioty
(c) they can't find the printout
(d) the Director walks in

13. Tankado has given a copy of the pass key to a friend for safe keeping. What happens if anything happens to Tankado?
(a) there is no indication of what will happen
(b) the pass key will be auctioned to the highest bidder
(c) the pass key will be made available to anyone for free
(d) the pass key will be destroyed

14. Which of the following is Phil Chartrukian not concerned with?
(a) a virus infection
(b) his own joke security
(c) the main data base

15. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?
(a) crime analyst
(b) cryptologist
(c) university professor
(d) FBI agent

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jabba learn from his assistant?

2. How does Becker try to find the German?

3. Where does Bus No. 27 go?

4. What happened to Tankado's ring?

5. What does Susan plan to use in searching for the pass key on Hale's computer?

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