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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Hale is bothered by ____________________-.
(a) Swathmore not telling him what they are working on
(b) Tankado being fired
(c) the NSA's invading privacy
(d) Susan not being interested in him

2. What is an anonymous server?
(a) it provides internet accountsq
(b) it allows for the dissemination of freeware
(c) it protects the identity of email users by being a middleman for email
(d) it allows people to post their opinions on various topices

3. What does Swathmore want from Hale?
(a) his resignation
(b) the pass key
(c) the money from the sale to the Japanese firm
(d) his email

4. When Susan and Swathmore are in Swathmore's office, what does he take out of his desk drawer?
(a) a knife
(b) a printout of the pass key
(c) a gun
(d) a letter from Tankado

5. Why does Swathmore want ll traces and references to Digital Fortress removed?
(a) he wants to stop North Dakota from using the program
(b) he wants to sell the program himself
(c) he doesn't want the program removed
(d) he doesn't want anyone to know it was possible

6. What does Susan use to find the location of Tankado's partner's e-mail account?
(a) a tracer
(b) a supoena
(c) a wire tap
(d) the FBI

7. Rochio tells Becker that she _______________________-.
(a) gave the ring to a girl in the park
(b) she still has the ring
(c) she sold the ring at a pawn shop
(d) she never had the ring

8. What do Midge Milken and Chad Brinkerhoff question?
(a) the zero codes broken figure
(b) the reliability of the data
(c) the possibility of a virus
(d) nothing

9. When Susan checks Hale's computer, she finds __________________________-.
(a) nothing suspicious
(b) security files Hale isn't authorized to access
(c) e-mail from Rankado addressed to North Dakota
(d) Hale's correspondence with North Dakota

10. After looking at the files on Hale's computer, Susan suspects that __________________________.
(a) Hale lied about knowing Tankado
(b) Hale is not involved in the Digital Fortress problem
(c) nothing
(d) Greg Hale is North Dakota

11. When Midge learns that it is possible to override Gauntlet, what does she plan to do?
(a) check the reports on the Director's computer to see if Swathmore bypassed the security filters
(b) talk to Swathmore
(c) nothing
(d) call Security

12. When Jabba learns of the power failure in Crypto, he is not concerned about a virus until he learns that ____________________________.
(a) Hale is working with Tankado
(b) Swathmore can bypass Gauntlet
(c) Swathmore is missing
(d) Chartrukian is missing

13. The first code writer was________________.
(a) Julius Caesar
(b) Douglas MacArthur
(c) Napoleon
(d) Adolph Hitler

14. While trying to find the ring, what doesn't Becker realize?
(a) that he wont be paid
(b) that he is wasting his time
(c) that he is being followed by a man wearing wire rimmed glasses
(d) that he is under observation by the police

15. When loading the Digital Fortress into TRANSLTR, who bypassed the Gauntlet security features?
(a) Susan Fletcher
(b) Greg Hale
(c) Phil Chartrukian
(d) Swathmore

Short Answer Questions

1. Swathmore had plans to ___________________________________.

2. What were Tankado's plans for Digital Fortress?

3. Becker learns from Two-Tone that Megan is leaving for:

4. After Swathmore frees Susan from Hale, she learns that __________________________.

5. When Swathmore tells Phil Chartrukian to leave, he doesn't. Why does he stay to run more tests on TRANSLTR?

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