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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Swathmore tells Becker that ______________________.
(a) finding the ring is a matter of national security
(b) Tankado was murdered
(c) the ring is not important
(d) he is in danger

2. What does Becker find in the bathroom at the airport?
(a) he can't wash the mace-like substance out of his eyes
(b) a bag with money
(c) Megan's body
(d) a janitor's body

3. When Megan goes back and talks to Becker, she _________________________.
(a) sells him the ring
(b) doesn't have the right ring
(c) tells him she sold the ring to the German
(d) never had the ring

4. What does Becker learn from Two-Tone about the girl who he described?
(a) she is Eduardo's girl
(b) she is a run-away
(c) she is a prostitute
(d) he doesn't know anyone fitting that description

5. The kid on the bus tells Becker about Judas Taboo and that ___________________________________-.
(a) to mind his own business
(b) everyone will have red, white and blue hair today
(c) he knows nothing about a ring
(d) his hair color is his own business`

6. What did Tankado demand of Swathmore?
(a) his reinstatement at NSA
(b) that the NSA make TRANSLTR public knowledge
(c) an end to the NSA
(d) one hundred million dollars

7. Why does Swathmore want ll traces and references to Digital Fortress removed?
(a) he wants to sell the program himself
(b) he doesn't want anyone to know it was possible
(c) he wants to stop North Dakota from using the program
(d) he doesn't want the program removed

8. Hale still maintains that _________________________.
(a) he tried to save Chartrukian
(b) Chartrukian fell
(c) Swathmore tried to kill him
(d) Swathmore killed Chartrukian

9. Where does Susan Fletcher work?
(a) The Pentagon
(b) National Reconnaisance Center
(c) National Security Agency
(d) Central Intelligence Agency

10. Why does Phil Chartrukian feel TRANSLTR is infected with a virus?
(a) he found an infected file
(b) his tests uncovered mutation strings
(c) he has a hunch
(d) he is just rying to cause trouble

11. What does Swathmore want from Hale?
(a) his resignation
(b) the money from the sale to the Japanese firm
(c) his email
(d) the pass key

12. How does Becker try to find the German?
(a) he obtains the address from Clouchard
(b) he has Swathmore send a special team
(c) he calls the escort services listed in the phone book
(d) he reports the situation to the police

13. Swathmore's plan includes _________________________________.
(a) selling the encryption program
(b) letting the world know that TRANSLTR can't break the Digital Fortress modification so everyone will use it
(c) telling the truth about TRANSLTR
(d) telling the truth about Digital Fortress

14. Why does Susan apologize to Swathmore?
(a) for walking out of Node 3
(b) she thinks she has ruined his plans for the Digital Fortress
(c) for doubting his motives
(d) for giving Hale a chance to talk

15. When Susan tells Swathmore about Hale, what does she want him to do?
(a) talk to him
(b) nothing
(c) lock him in the shaft
(d) call Security

Short Answer Questions

1. After looking at the files on Hale's computer, Susan suspects that __________________________.

2. Becker finds Rochio's hotel number by ___________________________.

3. Who feels threatened about a possible investigation if TRANSLTR is shut down?

4. What does Midge Wilken see from her office?

5. When loading the Digital Fortress into TRANSLTR, who bypassed the Gauntlet security features?

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