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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 109 - 111.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susan hear as she is descending through the sub-levels?
(a) nothing but the sound of the alarm
(b) Hale calling for help
(c) the sound of a gun shot
(d) Swathmore calling her back

2. According to North Dakota, who killed Tankado?
(a) the ARA
(b) the NSA
(c) North Dakota's people
(d) Numatech Corporation

3. Why does Swathmore want ll traces and references to Digital Fortress removed?
(a) he wants to stop North Dakota from using the program
(b) he wants to sell the program himself
(c) he doesn't want the program removed
(d) he doesn't want anyone to know it was possible

4. What does Hale find when he arrives at the hangar?
(a) the Lear jet is locked
(b) the pilot is armed and waiting for him
(c) the Lear jet is empty
(d) the Lear jet is gone

5. Who was Hulohot?
(a) an underworld thug
(b) an employee of Numataka Corporation
(c) a Portuguese mercenary who worked for NSA
(d) a fortune-seeker who learned about the key

Short Answer Questions

1. When Susan and Swathmore are in Swathmore's office, what does he take out of his desk drawer?

2. What is Digital Fortress?

3. Where does Bus No. 27 go?

4. When Fontaine viewed the crypto dome from his window, he thought _________________________-.

5. What is Chartrukian told by Swathmore?

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