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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 97 - 99.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Susan find next to Hale's body?
(a) her shoes
(b) the note written by Swathmore
(c) the pass key
(d) a suicide note written by Hale

2. What does Swathmore want Susan Fletcher to do?
(a) write a program to fix TRANSLTR
(b) locate Tankado's partner
(c) break the Digital Fortress code
(d) report the situation to the President

3. After leaving Santa Cruz, Becker moved with the crowd to __________________.
(a) a bar
(b) a restaurant
(c) the cathedral
(d) the shopping area

4. When Hale regains consciousness, he tells Susan that ___________________________.
(a) he has the pass key
(b) the pass key is on the ARA server
(c) he is not North Dakota
(d) he gave the pass key away

5. What do Swathmore and Susan think of the ring?
(a) the pass key is engraved on it
(b) it is valuable
(c) it has NDAKOTA's email address
(d) it came from the NSA

Short Answer Questions

1. Becker finds the meaning of Dewdrop by ________________________.

2. What do Midge Milken and Chad Brinkerhoff question?

3. What does Midge Wilken see from her office?

4. How does Becker exit the Cathedral?

5. What happens before Susan can leave the bathroom?

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