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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 73 - 75 | Chapter 76 - 78.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Jabba learns of the power failure in Crypto, he is not concerned about a virus until he learns that ____________________________.
(a) Hale is working with Tankado
(b) Swathmore can bypass Gauntlet
(c) Swathmore is missing
(d) Chartrukian is missing

2. What happens before Susan can leave the bathroom?
(a) she decides to hide from Hale
(b) she hears a gun shot
(c) Swtahmore calls her on the phone
(d) the lights go out

3. Swathmore tells Becker that ______________________.
(a) he is in danger
(b) the ring is not important
(c) Tankado was murdered
(d) finding the ring is a matter of national security

4. In trying to find Megan and the ring, Becker travels to the airport by _____________.
(a) motorcycle
(b) taxi
(c) private bauto
(d) bus

5. Swathmore says he will guard Susan with his gun while she _________________________.
(a) contacts Numataka
(b) escapes
(c) sends an email to North Dakota
(d) searches Hale's computer

Short Answer Questions

1. Hale is bothered by ____________________-.

2. When Susan tells Swathmore about Hale, what does she want him to do?

3. What does North Dakota tell Numataka about the pass keys?

4. The first code writer was________________.

5. Susan avoids being caught snooping through Hale's computer because __________________________.

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