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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 73 - 75 | Chapter 76 - 78.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While Becker is sitting in the hotel bar, Rocio and the German are _______________.
(a) killed
(b) escaping from the hotel
(c) discussing the situation
(d) looking for the ring

2. Becker gains access to room #301 by __________________________.
(a) impersonating a police officer
(b) saying he was an hotel employee
(c) picking the lock
(d) saying he was from the escort service

3. Midge obtains the keys to the Director's office by ____________________________.
(a) receiving permission from the Director
(b) playing tapes of Brinkerhoff fondling his girlfriend
(c) calling Security
(d) using her own keys

4. Susan escapes from Node 3 by _____________________.
(a) using an emergency exit
(b) calling Security
(c) breaking the glass doors with a table
(d) climbing out a window

5. What does Becker learn from Two-Tone about the girl who he described?
(a) he doesn't know anyone fitting that description
(b) she is Eduardo's girl
(c) she is a prostitute
(d) she is a run-away

Short Answer Questions

1. When loading the Digital Fortress into TRANSLTR, who bypassed the Gauntlet security features?

2. Swathmore had plans to ___________________________________.

3. Which of the following is Phil Chartrukian not concerned with?

4. Rochio tells Becker that she _______________________-.

5. Why does the Director tell Midge and Brinkerhoff not to interfere in Crypto?

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