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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 61 - 63 | Chapter 64 - 66.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While trying to find the ring, what doesn't Becker realize?
(a) that he is wasting his time
(b) that he wont be paid
(c) that he is under observation by the police
(d) that he is being followed by a man wearing wire rimmed glasses

2. While Becker is sitting in the hotel bar, Rocio and the German are _______________.
(a) looking for the ring
(b) killed
(c) escaping from the hotel
(d) discussing the situation

3. The first code writer was________________.
(a) Julius Caesar
(b) Adolph Hitler
(c) Napoleon
(d) Douglas MacArthur

4. What does North Dakota tell Numataka about the pass keys?
(a) he has both pass keys
(b) there is only one pass key
(c) they will pay off anyone who has seen the pass key
(d) anyone who sees the pass keys will be eliminated

5. When Midge learns that it is possible to override Gauntlet, what does she plan to do?
(a) call Security
(b) nothing
(c) check the reports on the Director's computer to see if Swathmore bypassed the security filters
(d) talk to Swathmore

Short Answer Questions

1. When Milken and Brinkerhoff question Swathmore, what does he tell them?

2. Jabaa learns of TRANSLTR running eighteen hours on one file from whom?

3. Swathmore tells Becker that ______________________.

4. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?

5. Becker gains access to room #301 by __________________________.

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