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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 37 - 39 | Chapter 40 - 42.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Becker finds the Canadian, what does he learn about the ring?
(a) that Tankado gave the ring to a German who was with a red haired woman
(b) that the Canadian won't give him the ring
(c) that there is no engraving in the ring
(d) that he has the ring

2. Becker gains access to room #301 by __________________________.
(a) picking the lock
(b) impersonating a police officer
(c) saying he was an hotel employee
(d) saying he was from the escort service

3. Swathmore tells Becker that ______________________.
(a) finding the ring is a matter of national security
(b) Tankado was murdered
(c) he is in danger
(d) the ring is not important

4. Who or what is North Dakota?
(a) the name of an anonymous server
(b) the name of Tankado's Internet site
(c) the name of the pass key
(d) the code name of Tankado's partner

5. What is Digital Fortress?
(a) an organization of hackers
(b) a super computer
(c) a super secret NSA department
(d) a program that creates unbreakable codes

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Susan called to work on a Saturday?

2. What is Chartrukian told by Swathmore?

3. What is David Becker?

4. When Swathmore tells Phil Chartrukian to leave, he doesn't. Why does he stay to run more tests on TRANSLTR?

5. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?

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