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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 88 - 90.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Swathmore tells Phil Chartrukian to leave, he doesn't. Why does he stay to run more tests on TRANSLTR?
(a) he doesn't believe Swthmore's story and wants to provide his point
(b) he is not clearned to use TRANSLTR
(c) he is the partner of Tankado
(d) he is on the payroll of Numataka

2. Hale still maintains that _________________________.
(a) Swathmore tried to kill him
(b) he tried to save Chartrukian
(c) Chartrukian fell
(d) Swathmore killed Chartrukian

3. Why doesn't Becker leave Spain?
(a) he tries to track the Canadian with the ring
(b) the police prevent him from leaving
(c) he decides to go sight seeing
(d) he has a fight with Susan

4. When Becker enters Santa Cruz, Hulohot _____________________.
(a) crashes the taxi in the narrow passage ways
(b) gives up the chase
(c) chases him on foot
(d) steals a motorcycle and follows

5. While Becker is sitting in the hotel bar, Rocio and the German are _______________.
(a) killed
(b) discussing the situation
(c) escaping from the hotel
(d) looking for the ring

Short Answer Questions

1. When the cathedral bells rang, _________________________________________.

2. Susan avoids being caught snooping through Hale's computer because __________________________.

3. How did Becker get out of Santa Cruz?

4. What is Chartrukian told by Swathmore?

5. Why does Phil Chartrukian feel TRANSLTR is infected with a virus?

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