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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 106 - 108.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Susan is walking on the underground highway, who drives up in a gold cart?
(a) Jabba
(b) Midge Wilken
(c) Chad Brinkerhoff
(d) Director Fontaine

2. What action does Chartrukian decide to take?
(a) to return to Crypto
(b) to run further tests
(c) to follow Swathmore's orders and leave Crypto
(d) to report the situation to his superior

3. What is the only way out of the burning, smoke-filled crypto area?
(a) the emergency fire exit
(b) Swathmore's private elevator
(c) throughj the glass doors
(d) the stairs

4. What happened to Susan during the explosion?
(a) killed
(b) burned
(c) suffered a broken arm
(d) knocked unconscious

5. The one billion dollar code figure is explained by ____________________________.
(a) no explanation is given
(b) incorrect data input
(c) dividing the cost figures by zero
(d) a virus

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Hale's reaction to Swathmore's call to Security?

2. What does Susan try as a password?

3. What does Hale find when he arrives at the hangar?

4. Why does Susan apologize to Swathmore?

5. Hale wants Susan to come with him because he __________________________--.

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