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A government organization that gathers global electronic intelligence data and protects all classified U.S. information.


A civil liberties coalition founded by a worldwide group of computer users to support free online speech.


The global reconnaissance division of the NSA that uses satellites, spies and wiretaps to intercept conversations and send them to the NSA for analysis.


The nickname for the Cryptography Department of the National Security Agency.

Sys-Sec Lab

The department of the NSA that monitors systems security for TRANSLTR and the main databank.


A filter used to scan files and protect TRANSLTR from viruses and unknown programs.


The NSA's decryption computer that is capable of breaking any code within minutes. The NSA denies to the public that the computer exists.

Main Databank

The underground computer that stores all classified government documents and information.

Digital Fortress

The program created by Ensei...

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