Digital Fortress Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Prologue - Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 - 6

1. Where does Susan Fletcher work?
(a) National Reconnaisance Center
(b) The Pentagon
(c) Central Intelligence Agency
(d) National Security Agency

2. What is David Becker?
(a) a cryptologist at the National Security Council
(b) an analyst at the State Department
(c) an FBI agent
(d) a professor at Georgetown University

3. What is Susan Fletcher's occupation?
(a) crime analyst
(b) university professor
(c) cryptologist
(d) FBI agent

4. What is TRANSLTR?
(a) a department at the CIA
(b) a codename for Susan Fletcher
(c) the NSA computer
(d) a book written by David Becker

5. The first code writer was________________.
(a) Douglas MacArthur
(b) Adolph Hitler
(c) Julius Caesar
(d) Napoleon

6. Why is Susan called to work on a Saturday?
(a) TRANSLTR could not break a code
(b) there was a crisis in the Middle East
(c) her superior was sick
(d) she had an overdue report

Chapter 7 - 9 | Chapter 10 - 12

7. What is Digital Fortress?
(a) a super computer
(b) an organization of hackers
(c) a super secret NSA department
(d) a program that creates unbreakable codes

8. What did Tankado demand of Swathmore?
(a) that the NSA make TRANSLTR public knowledge
(b) one hundred million dollars
(c) his reinstatement at NSA
(d) an end to the NSA

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