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Lesson 1 (from Prologue - Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 - 6)


Prologue - Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 - 6. The NSA is one of the government's intelligence agencies whose purpose is to ensure the safety of United States government communications and to monitor the communications of other entities. The NSA breaks encrypted codes and has a powerful supercomputer called TRANSLTR to perform this function. The opening chapters introduce the main characters, describe the functions of the NSA and explain cryptology. The objective of this lesson is to understand what cryptology is and what the functions of the NSA are.


1. Have each student write a paragraph explaining what cryptology is.

2. There are various terms that are used in the field of cryptology, such as clear text and cipher text. Have the students make a list of terms and definitions as they read the book and update it as they read each sections.

3. The NSA monitors communications such as email communications...

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