Digital Fortress Character Descriptions

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Ensei Tankado

Born crippled because of his mother's exposure to radiation during the attacks on Hiroshima,

Commander Trevor Strathmore

The Deputy Director of the NSA who devises a plan to use the program to benefit the NSA.

Susan Fletcher

A beautiful and intelligent cryptographer who is deeply in love with her fiancé and truly committed to her job.

David Becker

A handsome, well-liked university professor and linguistics specialist who is engaged to Susan Fletcher.

Greg Hale

A former Marine who exposed the back door that Strathmore had created in the Skipjack program and is suspected of being North Dakota.

Phil Chartrukian

Is the young Sys-Sec technician who tries desperately to warn Strathmore that TRANSLTR has a virus.


Is the Portugese mercenary hired by Strathmore to assassinate Tankado and retrieve the ring.

Tokugen Numataka

A savvy Japanese businessman and owner of Numatech, Inc., a Japanese software company and...

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