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Prologue - Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 - 6

• Ensei Tankado is falling to the ground, dying in Seville, Spain. He is wearing an engraved gold ring at the time.

• David Becker cancels his plans with his fiance, Susan Fletcher. He is leaving town on an emergency and she is called into work.

• The NSA supercomputer is called TRANSLTR and the reason why Susan was called into work on a Saturday was that TRANSLTR had been trying to break a code for over fifteen hours.

Chapter 7 - 9 | Chapter 10 - 12

• Swathmore thinks Ensei Tankado has written an unbreakable code. They believe it is called Digital Fortress. Swathmore and Susan discuss the implications of such a program.

• Tankado made the program freely available on the Internet and plans to sell the key to the highest bidder. If anything happens to Tankado, his partner will make the pass key publicly available for free. Tankado was...

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