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Short Answer Questions

1. In "The Adventure of a Bather", what does Isotta lose?

2. In "The Adventure of a Traveler", what does Federico do when he gets to Cinzia?

3. In "Transit Bed", where does Gim hide?

4. In "Transit Bed", who gets kicked out of bed?

5. In "The Adventure of a Bather", what is Isotta's fear?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "The Adventure of a Nearsighted Man", what has the man been avoiding and why?

2. In "The Adventure of a Poet", what inspires Usnelli to write poetry?

3. How does "Transit Bed" end?

4. Explain the title of "Desire in November".

5. In "The Adventure of a Traveler", what is the traveler obsessed with?

6. In "Desire in November", who is Barbagallo?

7. In "Theft in a Pastry Shop", how do the thieves escape?

8. In "The Adventure of a Reader", why does the woman get mad at Amedeo and what does she do to get his attention?

9. In "Dollars and the Demimondaine", why does Jolanda enter the bar first?

10. In "Dollars and the Demimondaine", how does Emanuele try to get Jolanda out of the bar?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explore and discuss the roles of women in the Postwar Stories.

Essay Topic 2

Prostitution is mentioned in many of the stories. Explore and discuss why it is important and why it is necessary.

Essay Topic 3

Italo Calvino is a critically acclaimed author.

Part 1) Describe Calvino's popularity and place in history as a writer.

Part 2) Explain why he was and still is pivotal to contemporary literature.

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