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1. In "Adam, One Afternoon", what is Maria-nunziata's understanding of sex?

Maria-nunziata's understanding of sex is vague. She is still skinny from childhood, but she is filling out with puberty, and she accentuates this by wearing high heels, even though they hurt her feet. She fantasizes about the day when she can wear lipstick, but she does not seem to understand all that this implies. She is also uncomfortable when she sees two frogs mating.

2. Describe Libereso from "Adam, One Afternoon".

Libereso is a teenage gardener who wears his hair long like a girl. He comes from a vegetarian and anarchist family and is comfortable in nature.

3. In "The Enchanted Garden", describe Serenella and Giovannino's relationship.

Serenella and Giovannino are two children from working class families. They are friends, partly because Serenella goes along with whatever Giovannino wants to do. Additionally, Giovannino likes that Serenella does not cry all the time like other girls do and can play like a boy.

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