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World War IIappears in Wartime Stories

This is a major event that appears in many of the stories.

The Enchanted Gardenappears in Riviera Stories, The Enchanted Garden

This is a beautiful place where two children swim in a pool, play ping-pong, and eat cake.

Libereso's Gardenappears in Riviera Stories, Adam, One Afternoon

This is a place maintained by an anarchist that likes to catch bugs, snakes, and toads.

The Hermit's Houseappears in Riviera Stories, The House of the Beehives

This place is in the woods surrounded by beehives.

San Cosimoappears in Riviera Stories, Lazy Sons

This place is a failing family farm.

Beveraappears in Wartime Stories, Hunger at Bevera

This is a place in Italy where the inhabitants are caught in the middle of the fighting between the Germans and the French.

Headquartersappears in Wartime Stories, Going to Headquarters

This is a non-existent place synonymous with death.

The Tub of Diogenesappears in Postwar Stories, Dollars and the Demimondaine

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