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Lesson 1 (from Riviera Stories, Section 1. Adam, One Afternoon; The Enchanted Garden; & A Goatherd at Luncheon)


"Difficult Loves" is a compilation of stories from one of Italy's most famous writers, Italo Calvino. This lesson will focus on the life, history, and literary accomplishment of Italo Calvino.


1) Research: Take the class to the library to learn about Calvino's place in literary history. While searching, ask yourself, why is this author important? What else did he write? Why were his stories and themes relevant during his lifetime? Why do they remain relevant?

2) Group Discussion: Discuss what made Italo Calvino a notable figure. For example, the fact that he participated in the Italian occupation of the French Riviera as a teenager, was an accomplished journalist, was born in Cuba as a child of two University botanists, traveled the world giving lectures, or won Austrian State Prize for European Literature.

3) Individual Writing: Write a journal entry on what can possibly be expected from a writer...

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