Difficult Loves Character Descriptions

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Giua Dei Fichiappears in Wartime Stories, Animal Woods

This person is the worst shot in town who hides a cow in the woods.

Maria-nunziataappears in Riviera Stories, Adam, One Afternoon

This person feels bad about not wanting to accept gifts of bugs and toads.

Liberesoappears in Riviera Stories, Adam, One Afternoon

This person is a gardener with long hair and an affinity for creepy creatures.

Old Bismaappears in Wartime Stories, Hunger at Bevera

This person is old, deaf, and the owner of an ancient mule.

Bintaappears in Wartime Stories, Fear on the Footpath

This person is a fast but exhausted courier.

Zeffirinoappears in Riviera Stories, Big Fish, Little Fish

This person loves to swim and fish, and tries to cheer up a crying woman.

Giovanninoappears in Riviera Stories, The Enchanted Garden

This person is a child who can't enjoy a beautiful garden because of the threat of being...

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